Micro-whale projector produced an interview | steady and steady training to hard power

On the 31st of October, in the future home of Baita Temple Alley in the Old Beijing Culture, the micro whales released the industry's smallest 1080P Smart Projector M1. After the meeting, the Vice President of Micro-whales and the micro whale projection producer Zhang Guidong Accept the media interview, let us have a more in-depth understanding of the micro whale projection and the release of the new M1.

Micro-vote or small niche products but micro-whales to enter the mass market before it is all ready

Intelligent projection in recent years the rapid development of new brands continue to join, but the overall size is not big enough. In the micro-whale projection producer Zhang Guidong it seems that the current smart projection in the market is still a non-just-needed products, is still in the partial professional Sex or the trend of the user's attention and the purchase phase, with the continuous change of products, as well as more brand manufacturers to join, combined with sales of micro whale projection changes and the current market information, smart projection or will enter in 2018, 2019 Mass market.

Based on the current state of the smart projection market judgments, micro-whale projection to enter the mass market before it is ready for the market. Micro whale projection product line now appears to be almost complete, from mobile K1 wireless to both office and home use Highlight F1, there are just released full HD M1 new products, covering 2000, 3000, 4000 about three price segments, users can choose according to scene needs and budget of different models of products, the future will be introduced micro-whale projection More subdivided uses and specifications of iterative products.

The face of more and more brands, including home appliance manufacturers are introducing intelligent projection products, micro-whales welcome, because a new market only more players to enter the category to accelerate education, thus promoting the popularity of smart projection.

User-centered projection has gradually become a necessity for people's lives

The popularity of intelligent projection is inseparable from the upgrading of product power, micro-whale projection in an increasingly competitive market environment has come out of a differentiated route to user-centered to continuously improve the product. Projection in the hardware, software, appearance, design quality, etc. will follow the user needs, and integration in the hard and soft, easy-to-use, artificial intelligence, etc. to do more differentiated breakthroughs, such as the next version of the software to increase the number of rounds of voice Interactive dialogue, there are more fun light carving applications, allowing users to experience the purchase of more products after the surprise, beyond the user's heart to expect, in order to spread, share or even repeat the purchase.

Take the latest full HD flagship product M1 from Micro-whale Projection, a popular product that makes every home a private cinema, which can significantly enhance the viewing experience and the price is available to many people Accept the range, is really suitable for users to buy the expected price of high-specification products, so as to have the opportunity to make this category really into everyone's life, and thus become necessities of life.

Hard and soft power to get TI's new technology platform starting right

Micro Whale Projection The M1 just released is the smallest Full HD smear right now, mainly because it uses TI's new technology platform, which is the industry's smallest and brightest 1080P solution. Texas Instruments DLP Products China Zheng Haibing district business development manager, said the new platform continues TI's commitment to smaller product size, superior picture quality and high performance system integration to meet the smart home projector flexible use of mobile needs.

Why can we get such a priority micro-whales, Zhang Guidong that micro-whales compared to other vendors in hardware and software integration, application of artificial intelligence, resources, strength, etc. have more accumulation, which can better play the advantages of the latest upstream technology platform , So as to make innovative products, so not only TI, other upstream manufacturers and micro-whales will be together to research and development, product optimization, integration amplification effect, to provide users with more value and services.

Just over double 11, micro-whale projection channel sales of all channels is 3500 units, of which M1 new products only took 8 hours and 26 minutes sales have exceeded 1,500 units, with fast product strength one step to achieve rapid sales growth in popularity of smart projection For the industry set a good example.