The great big dawn Ding Group introduced smart home voice control solutions

Set micro-grid news, is committed to the market in the Asia Pacific region's leading semiconductor components distributor - United announced that its parent line will introduce the combination of Semtech LoRa and Yuet technology (Zilltek) MEMS microphone intelligent voice control appliances to solve Program.

Intelligent voice through the MEMS microphone radio, and then through the back-end voice recognition to control the home appliances, thereby establishing the intelligent home Internet of things required for voice control, which uses the technology includes Semtech's LoRa (long-distance low-power Internet of Things transmission Technology) and Zilltek's MEMS microphones.

Semtch's LORA Technical Features  Long Range: A single LORA base station provides high signal penetration capability to cover signals even in dense urban or indoor environments, while transmitting signals in rural areas, the distance the sensor can receive Up to 15 to 30 miles • Low cost: LoRa reduces the capital and operating costs of initial infrastructure setup and the cost of building end node sensors • Standardization: LoRaWAN guarantees application interoperability and improves IoT solution Solution providers and telecom operators; Low power consumption: The LoRaWAN protocol was developed for low power usage to deliver unmatched battery life in the past; Security: Embedded end-to-end data, Prevent unauthorized access, and the best privacy and security encryption.

Product Specifications  Up to 168 dB link budget;  Continuous RF output from +20 dBm to 100 mW with V supply;  High efficiency PA with +14 dBm;  Programmable bit transfer rates up to 300 kbps;  High sensitivity up to -148 dBm;  Anti-interference front end: IIP3 = -11 dBm;  Excellent preventive barrier;  9.9 mA low RX current and 200nA retention buffer;  complete with 61Hz resolution Integrated synthesizer; FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK, LoRaTM and OOK adjustment; Built-in bit synthesizer for frequency regeneration; Pre-sensing function; 127 dB RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) Automatic RF detection and CAD with ultra-fast AFC; Packet Engine technology with CRC up to 256 bits; Built-in temperature sensor and low battery indicator.

Product Applications • Automatic distance readings • Home and building automation • Wireless sirens and security systems • Industrial monitoring and control • Long-distance irrigation systems.

Yu Tai Technology MEMS microphone technology features  anti-interference, high temperature and surface mount (SMT);  good product quality and reliability, production and assembly is simple;  more space-saving design to enhance design flexibility.

Product Specifications  3.76mm × 2.95mm × 1.1mm SMT Package  Stable Sensitivity at 1.5V to 3.6V Power Supply  SNR of 59dBA  Sensitivity -42dBV; Current consumption of less than 100uA; Multi-chip module (MCM) package.

Applications  smart bracelet;  smart watches;  microphone;  smart phones; wireless headphones.