ST showcases advanced robotic models at the 2017 Embedded Technology Conference and Exhibition

Original Title: STMicroelectronics Displays Advanced Robotic Models and Latest Embedded System Solutions at Embedded Technology Conferences & Expos 2017

As the Internet of Things (IoT) gradually into people's lives, embedded networking systems become increasingly important network across multiple electronic applications, the world's leading semiconductor supplier STMicroelectronics (ST) in 2017 embedded Technology conference and exhibition (ET2017) showcased its latest embedded system solutions, including a variety of STMicroelectronics chip robot model.

Industrial robots and home robots are highly integrated embedded systems that require a wide range of semiconductor chips for their computing power, real-time response and high-precision sensitivities, and STMicroelectronics has all the semiconductor products needed to develop robots. At ET2017, STMicroelectronics exhibited a humanoid robot model capable of measuring the robot's distance from an obstacle, detecting posture movements such as stopping, steering, arm flexing and the like, detecting temperature changes and pressure changes, sending data to external devices, supporting external devices wireless Control, projection on screen, the result of a collaborative effort between STMicroelectronics and Asratec, a market leader in robot control systems, using the ROBOTIS OP2 open platform from ROBOTIS.

The robot integrates 29 STMicroelectronics products including STM32 microcontrollers (MCUs), motion sensors and electronic compasses (attitude detection), time-of-flight sensors (ranging and gesture detection), environmental sensors such as pressure and temperature, MEMS Micro-mirrors, MEMS microphones and Bluetooth® low energy Bluetooth network processors (to communicate with external devices). The robot's complex motion is controlled by Asratec's robot control board 'V-Sido CONNECT', which is a core component of the STM32 microcontroller With its robotic model, STMicroelectronics is demonstrating its ability to provide complete robotics solutions in a wide range of industrial, health and education applications, including high-performance, easy-to-use products.

The IoT, in conjunction with the 'cloud' that integrates and processes information, uses 'edge computing' technology to distribute information processing functions to cells near data collection points, reducing network load and efficiently utilizing communication bandwidth.

At ET2017, STMicroelectronics demonstrated a robot that accurately and instantly "understands" four digits in real time.The components of the robot model include an STM32 microcontroller with an artificial intelligence technology and a camera module that can detect, Sensor signals and other input data to conclude that this technology is expected to be used for edge devices with autonomous evaluation and state prediction capabilities.In addition, STMicroelectronics also exhibited STM32H7 series of microcontrollers ------- market The highest performing ARM® Cortex®-M microcontroller - and the new microcontroller for wearable devices.

STMicroelectronics is demonstrating a smart industrial motor vibration monitoring model developed in collaboration with Nidec and using a high-precision accelerometer for acquiring information on the processing of the IoT devices that require advanced sensor technology. New industrial applications such as predictive maintenance of plant equipment and infrastructure Visitors can also see the latest pressure sensor at the STMicroelectronics booth The smallest (3.3 x 3.3 mm) sensor in its class A special gel package with pressure sensor and ASIC circuitry, pressure-resistant to 10 bar, is ideal for wearable devices or outdoor devices that often drain water.

STMicroelectronics also demonstrated its communications connectivity technology, which offers communications markets and communications connectivity technologies with different data rates, which is critical for the IoT and LPWA (Low Power Wide Area Network IoT) connectivity technologies such as Sigfox, LoRa®, In addition, STMicroelectronics also demonstrated Sigfox data transmission technology based on Sub-GHz RF ICs, as well as a LoRa development board on which the Murata RF module integrates STM32 microcontrollers and Semtech's RF IC, which completes the verification of Japan Telecom's SORACOM service networking. About short-range communications, STMicroelectronics demonstrated a combination of low-function Bluetooth chips and NFC (Near Field Communication) reader / writers for doors and rooms Door smart lock model.

Featuring excellent control accuracy and excellent real-time performance, the motor driver chip is crucial to controlling the various sizes of motors inside the IoT device, and STMicroelectronics demonstrated using a System in Package (SiP) chip at the show Precision Vector Control Drone Propeller Motors The all-in-one SiP product integrates components such as Arm Cortex-M0 microcontrollers, DC / DC converters, op amps, comparators, gate drivers and more in a 7x7mm package.

Within the Internet of Things, many embedded systems face the risk of cyber attacks, including forgery, fraud, data theft, device abuse, and security technologies that are critical to fixing network vulnerabilities. STMicroelectronics also uses a development board to demonstrate host-to- Wireless communications certification process, this development board has low-power Bluetooth chip and a secure microcontroller, the microcontroller built-in industry's highest level of security Common Criteria EAL5 + level certificate. STMicroelectronics also demonstrated a full-featured TPM (Trusted Platform Module) solution to enhance the security of embedded systems.

STMicroelectronics ET2017 booth set up an exhibition for engineers STM32 open development environment with practical experience, including STM32 Nucleo development board and X-Nucleo expansion board with Bluetooth low energy processor, brushless / brushless / step In motor drives, NFC tags, motion sensors, environmental sensors and time-of-flight sensors, visitors will be able to run a routine using an integrated development environment for each application area.

ST's circuit boards and models on display at the show include technologies such as time-of-flight sensors, touch-screen controllers, USB PD controllers, wireless charging chips, digital power chips and NFC tags.