NVIDIA: Tesla V100 GPU has been used by EMC, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo and Alibaba Cloud

NVIDIA today announced that NVIDIA Tesla V100 data center GPUs based on the NVIDIA Volta architecture have been deployed by major computer manufacturers and tier-one cloud service providers worldwide to develop services related to artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

The new NVIDIA GPU Cloud container enables developers to deploy fully optimized AI and HPC software in real time

Among them, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo and others all launched Volta architecture solutions for their customers. Alisoft, Amazon Web Services, Baidu Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud and Tencent Cloud Volta architecture cloud service.

Inheriting its full range of solutions, NVIDIA is further rolling out new software and tools for the NVIDIA GPU Cloud (NGC) container login service, enabling scientists to easily deploy NVIDIA's Accelerated Computing Platform for computationally intensive research tasks. NVIDIA at the SC17 Supercomputer Conference In announcing the news, more than a dozen computer makers and cloud service providers are also publishing numerous Volta-based products and services.

Jennifer Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said: "Volta is the world's most powerful AI and HPC platform that enables the world's top technology research and development professionals to break through the boundaries of various fields, including new drug development, alternative energy and natural disaster prediction, The widespread adoption of Volta in data centers and cloud environments across the country is a new wave of innovation that is in full swing and will profoundly affect our society. "

NVIDIA GPU Cloud Adds HPC container

There are currently over 500 HPC applications, many of which are the most widely used in the industry, and have been incorporated into GPU acceleration, however one of the most daunting challenges for scientists who want to take advantage of these programs is the extremely complex deployment process .

For this reason NVIDIA's new container for scientific computing applications and HPC visualization tools can be used to implement the industry's most widely used and GPU-optimized HPC software. NVIDIA introduced new containers last month, AI Framework for GPU Optimization and Deep Learning applications provide NGC container login services, which enable researchers to easily and freely access the resources essential for scientific research, such as AI frameworks, HPC programs and various visualization tools, through a single NGC pipeline.

With NGC, scientists and researchers can focus on scientific research and development without having to bother setting and deploying various scientific computing programs, without having to spend a lot of time updating software and programs that are complicated and costly to install programs. GPU Optimization on NGC HPC containers subvert this tedious process, which used to take weeks or even weeks, to be as simple as a few minutes.

The HPC container includes a number of popular scientific applications such as GAMESS, GROMACS, LAMMPS, NAMD, RELION, etc. The HPC Visual Container has now released the NGC beta beta, which includes industry-leading visualization tools such as ParaView that supports NVIDIA IndeX rendering tools NVIDIA Optix ray tracing library and NVIDIA Holodeck ™ with real-time interaction and high definition.

Users only need to register for a NGC account to log in NGC container service for free, to build a complete GPU accelerated learning environment and HPC related applications and visualization services, HPC containers on any NVIDIA Pascal and the next generation of NVIDIA GPU acceleration system Including workstations, NVIDIA DGX systems, and HPC supercomputer clusters.