MLCC shouted up 30% next month

Market into the industry off-season, but the passive component laminated ceramic capacitors out of stock the same situation, the Taiwan-based leading plant State Giant yesterday (15) by the channel business interests to the client this year the fourth price increase notice this year, specific MLCC products Prices will start from December 1 two to three into.

According to the legal person, the situation of MLCC being out of stock for the next year is quite established from the moment when the giant giant shouted up, and the selling price of MLCC products has risen steadily, driving the revenue growth of the relevant supply chain. However, for the downstream customers The cost pressure cooker heats up.

Under the guidance of Guoyu State under its guidance to its clients, due to the continuous increase of many raw materials and labor costs, as well as the continuous strong demand of NPO MLCC and the widening gap between supply and demand, a total of 15% of the total demand will be started from December 1 Series NPMLCC to extend delivery, and adjust the price.

According to the notification of price increases issued by China, the delivery will be extended from one to three months to six months and the price will be raised by 20% to 30% or even higher, depending on the actual items. Macro group this year issued the fourth price increase notice.

It is understood that NPO MLCC prices have been poor, resulting in Japan and South Korea out of most markets, the main supplier for the Taiwan factory and land factory.

However, NPO MLCC continued to rise in costs this year and is now ten times higher than the beginning of this year. As MLCCs continue to be out of stock, factories have shifted their production capacity to high-priced, high-margin products, resulting in a more serious shortage of NPO MLCCs.

Giant giant announced in April this year raised the price of 0603 size MLCCs and chip resistors, MLCC amplitude of about 8% to 10%, chip resistance rose about 5%; the second announced the end of June jump; September is the first Three times the amount of mobile phone MLCC more shout up.