3D perception wave has been set off! Obi light as the domestic 3D perception technology | 'leader'

Set of micro-channel news, the launch of iphone X, triggered a wave of 3D perception.At present, one of the mainstream 3D perception technology is structured light, but since the acquisition of PrimeSense in 2013, the demand for structured light programs in the international market is monopolized , So non-Apple camp manufacturers urgently need other partners who can provide structured light technology.China's supply chain in the recent one-man, due to help Alipay official face payment function and attract attention, it is Obi in It is reported that he is following Apple, Microsoft, Intel, the world's fourth production-level consumer-grade 3D structure of optical depth camera sensor manufacturers.

This year, Apple introduced the tenth anniversary of the iphone X, due to the integration of 3D-sensing technology and much attention, although only its front TrueDepth camera support this feature, but now according to foreign media revealed that in 2019 Apple will also be post-iPhone 3D perception camera.

As Apple continues to promote the development of 3D perception, Android camp mobile phone manufacturers are naturally not far behind, one after another for the smart phone to join the 3D-sensing capabilities eager, Lite-On CEO Chen Guang-medium previously said that with the iPhone X debut, other phones Brand makers are set to launch flagship models in 2018 and are expected to be available in six months.While production and development technologies are available, handset makers will need to be matched with compelling applications in order to truly attract consumers.

At present, mainstream technologies of 3D perception include Structured Light and Time of Flight (ToF). Among them, the new iPhone X is structured light 3D image sensing technology, which is suitable for high-precision and short-range applications As we all know, almost all of Apple's technology is not open to the outside world, since Apple acquired PrimeSense in 2013, the demand for structured light solutions in the international market is monopolized.Because the domestic smart terminal manufacturers the urgent need for 3D camera, only actively looking for except PrimeSense Outside can provide structured light technology partners.

Due to the relatively lack of an independent camp in Apple camp, independent access to the upstream and downstream supply chain, and with its own ability to act, making Qualcomm, Hikvision (Himax), Synergy cooperation of the 3D image sensing technology solutions (total solution) Oppo Millet's approval is expected to ease the non-Apple camp camp in the 3D perception technology behind the embarrassment of Apple, and 3D perception technology is undoubtedly the recent discussion of the industry's hot topic.

Accompanied by the wave of 3D perception, a supply chain manufacturers in mainland China recently attracted much attention, and that is Obi Zhongguang. Alipay in KFC restaurant in KFC, Hangzhou, the second half of this year officially realized the face payment function, Alipay by people Face recognition technology, equipped with 3D lens on the ordering machine, allowing users to 'eat by the face', and Obi-chuang is the 3D perception lens supplier paid by Alipay.

It is reported that after Obi Zhong light is the current following Apple, Microsoft, Intel, the world's fourth consumer mass production-level 3D structure of optical depth camera sensor manufacturers, but also the first successful independent research and development of 3D sensors, algorithms, control chips Can realize dozens of functions such as face recognition, gesture recognition, human body skeleton recognition, three-dimensional measurement, environmental perception, obstacle avoidance, following and three-dimensional map reconstruction and can be widely used in mobile phones, , Drone, VR / AR, smart home security, car driving assistance and other fields.

Founded in 2013, Aobi Zhongguang is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales. Many of its internal team members are well-known in the industry such as MediaTek and IBM. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on 3D perception technology As the first Peacock project in Shenzhen in 2014, Astra, Astra Pro and Astra mini, the 3D depth cameras launched by Obihikari, have already completed mass production as early as 2015 and acquired a strategic stake in MediaTek in 2016.