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The FBC Guangdong 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Exhibition, which opened on the 15th, attracted more than 180 intelligent manufacturing companies.

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Nanfang Daily On November 15, the FBC Guangdong 2017 Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as 'FBC Exhibition') opened in the South China Sea, which was the second time that the FBC was held in the South China Sea and was positively linked with the previous exhibition in the South China Sea With good response, the exhibition attracted more than 180 intelligent manufacturing companies from Japan, East China and South China.

This exhibition will last two days. Apart from signing contracts, exhibition docking, expert keynote speeches and South China Sea Investment Promotion Meeting with Japan, the representatives of local banks in Japan and exhibitors will also go to Foshan Hi-tech Zone, Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Park And other places, close experience, study the investment environment in the South China Sea.

'FBC intelligent manufacturing equipment industry exhibition to create Guangdong and Japan in the precision industry-specific cooperation platform, and achieved good results.' "Guangdong Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau, Sun Bin said that the current world are promoting the manufacturing industry to intelligent With the help of this exhibition, exhibitors can exchange and connect with Guangdong auto parts, machinery manufacturing, hardware, environmental protection and other relevant agencies and outstanding entrepreneurs representatives.

South China Sea this year, the introduction of a number of Japanese-funded projects on Japan's monthly growth of over 20%

In 2016, the Nanhai District held its first FBC exhibition to attract a large number of Japanese companies and local enterprises to participate in the exhibition and watch the exhibition, which not only effectively promoted the in-depth docking between Chinese and Japanese enterprises, but also took the initiative to understand the South China Sea for Japanese-funded enterprises and invested in the South China Sea A huge role in promoting.

'This year, Nanhai District, the introduction of Japanese investment and capital increase reached 9, more than quadrupled from last year, the investment amounted to 256 million US dollars, the Japanese trade to maintain a monthly increase of 20% or more, the highest month even reached 30 % Growth. 'Wu Zhiqiang, member of the Standing Committee of the South China Sea region said.

In order to unite the global innovation momentum and build the Wisdom Zone in the Bay Area, Nanhai District is actively expanding its economic and trade cooperation with Japan based on the current key industries. This year, a number of new projects and capital increase projects have been newly introduced in Nanhai District. With a number of intermediaries to establish good relations of cooperation.

At the opening ceremony of the FBC exhibition on the 15th, a batch of leading projects were formally signed and settled in the South China Sea, in which Toray Co., Ltd. spent 200 million U.S. dollars to establish a production base of spunbond nonwovens in Nanhai District; Yaskawa Shougang Robot Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as' Yasukawa Shougang) plans to set up a robotics integrated system center in the South China Sea. Auto Parts Co., Ltd. Seongnam Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Foshan Murakami Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Shuguang Industrial Co., Ltd. are located in Japan's Small and Medium Enterprise Park in the South China Sea.

As of now, Toray Co., Ltd. invested in the South China Sea is the largest foreign investment project settled in Foshan this year.As a world-renowned new materials company, Toray will be established in the Jiujiang Town of the South China Sea 'Toray Polytechnic (Foshan) Limited ', building an area of ​​150 acres of non-woven spunbond base in southern China.

After systematic investigation and comparison, Yaskawa Shougang finally decided to set up Guicheng Jingu Photoelectricity Community and plans to set up a robotics integrated system center here. "Currently, a large number of enterprises in southern China have used Yaskawa robotic systems. On this basis, Yaskawa Shougang Co., This set up subsidiaries and factories to accelerate the expansion of markets for southern China. "Yasukawa Shougang Guangdong Branch deputy head of the small form Chengzhi said.

In the small Chengzhi view, the Nanhai District, a good investment environment and efficient and convenient government services, is to promote its settled one of the important factors.'In the future, Yasukawa Shougang Guangdong Branch hopes that through the business, the Guangdong branch in China The mainland branch accounts for about 50% of the total business volume, "he said.

In addition to the introduction of new projects, the original project of the South China Sea has also been introduced to increase the amount of incremental.For example, Foshan Co., Ltd. Perka surface modification and Zhonghua (Foshan) Co., Ltd. are high performance materials have been set up in the South China Sea A production company, plans to increase investment expansion.

Strengthening cooperation between SMEs according to the principle of "sharing common development and sharing"

As a brand event for the exchange of manufacturing enterprises between China and Japan, this FBC show attracted Shimadzu (Guangzhou) Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Nippon Paint Co., Ltd. Kyocera Machinery (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., Pioneer Hi-Tech (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., etc. More than 180 enterprises participated in the exhibition, covering such fields as metal manufacturing, auto parts, electrical and electronic parts, machinery parts and processing, energy saving and environmental protection etc. Meanwhile, to enhance the interaction between Chinese and Japanese enterprises in the intelligent manufacturing industry, The organizers also organized Lingwang Elevator Co., Ltd., Snow Wright photoelectric and other well-known local enterprises to come unveiled.

In front of the booth of Pioneer Hi-Tech (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., a small industrial welding robot in operation attracted a lot of companies to come and join to shoot .Exquisite compact mechanical probe flexible left and right on the circuit board, move back and forth, To complete the high-precision circuit welding.

'The product can be widely used in the high-precision electronics industry, parts welding operations, has been in the Dongguan market, there is a good sales.' Pioneer high-tech (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. official said that through the computer control, equipped with vision system , The product can also realize automatic location tracking, automatic inspection, data tracking and other functions.For this exhibition, Pioneer Hi-Tech hopes to establish contact with the relevant application enterprises, so as to better promote their products.

Aiming at the South China Sea automobile industry and improve the manufacturing industry chain, more and more Japanese-funded enterprises began to come to South China, the South China Sea. "We started in the South China Sea in 2011, and now has a commission in the South China Sea Shishan Production base. "Simei Ding (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. General Manager Hong Chengri said the company mainly produces automotive adhesives, a car probably need to use 3 to 4 kg, the company's customers are about Liu Cheng in South China Area, so the company is very fancy South China market.

Statistics show that in 2016 the South China Sea industrial output value of more than 6,200 billion yuan, accounting for about one-third of the city of Foshan, the formation of the automobile manufacturing, machinery and equipment, electronic information and other influential national industrial clusters, industrial support, industrial chain are Improve, on the whole is in the mid-to-high-end upgrade stage, the market demand for intelligent manufacturing equipment is very strong.Currently, the South China Sea a total of more than 1,500 foreign-funded enterprises, including Japanese-owned enterprises have 102, including Honda, Aisin, Kobelco, Hitachi and other 23 Fortune 500 companies, is the most concentrated area of ​​Japanese-funded enterprises in southern China one of the areas.

Wu Zhiqiang introduced the South China Sea will be the exhibition as a new starting point, in accordance with the principle of 'building and sharing business together' to further promote the interaction between China and Japan, strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and SMEs, work together to promote intelligent manufacturing equipment R & D, production and Application, so that more SMEs share the fruits of scientific and technological progress and achieve common development.

To this end, the South China Sea will also fully optimize the urban environment in the South China Sea in accordance with international standards and modernization.It has introduced world-class education resources such as Eaton International School, National University of Singapore, Noordaedbilingual School and Provincial People's Hospital, University and other high-quality medical resources.

Wu Zhiqiang also said that the South China Sea will launch a new metropolitan education plan, housing plan, medical plan, traffic plan and hukou plan five major plans to further enhance the urban public facilities, and strive to make the global innovation talents live and work in the South China Sea.

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