Dynasty, now send, wife and other brands of gas stove failed

'Stove', a fire next to the word, add a soil, its purpose is to fire cooking equipment.Because of our traditional eating and drinking is often done, so in our country, the stove's position is particularly high. Not necessarily with firewood, but as the stove progresses, its quality requirements have become even higher. A recent national inspection of the quality of stoves shows that a considerable portion of the stoves are unqualified.

Nearly two gas stove product failed

Recently, AQSIQ informed the results of the national supervision and inspection on product quality of domestic gas stoves in 2017. A total of 90 batches of products were obtained from 6 provinces such as Shanxi, Shanghai and Zhejiang. After testing, 17 batches of products did not meet the standard requirements , Mainly related to heat load, carbon monoxide concentration in dry flue gas, thermal efficiency, temperature rise test and other items.

In the market, the gas cooker structure is mainly embedded and desktop.This sampling of gas stoves are mostly embedded products, which is the leading product of domestic gas stove on the market, occupy the majority of domestic gas stoves market share.

'Heat load' failed to meet the normal heating needs

'Heat load' is a performance index, simply the size of the firepower provided by the gas stove.When consumers buy gas stoves, according to their own needs to choose the appropriate fire stove, stove or gas stove in the package will be Mark the value of the heat load, which is the rated heat load.

Every household can not be separated from the kitchen utensils sampling 20% ​​failed

The national standard "home gas cooker" provides that ordinary gas stove heat load should not be less than 3500 W. The test results show that the spot checks in 8 batches of gas stove products heat load unqualified. They are:

'Zhongshan Dynasty Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.' production of household gas stove (Model JZT-2 (12T));

Zhongshan Kang Tai Wei Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd. 'production of household gas cooker (Model JZY-YI1);

'Zhongshan City, is to send life Electric Co., Ltd.' production of household gas cooker (Model JZT-XPQ2);

'Zhongshan Hewesi Electric Co., Ltd.' production of domestic embedded dual-purpose gas stove (Model JZT-3810);

'Zhongshan love wife Electric Co., Ltd.' production of household gas cooker (Model JZY-A);

'Foshan City, Bai Wo Kitchen & Electric Co., Ltd.' production of household gas stoves (Model JZY-BWB37);

'Shunde District, Foshan City, Hino Electric Co., Ltd.' production of household gas stoves (Model JZT-502Z);

'Long Ye Shanxi Science and Technology Co., Ltd.' production of household infrared gas stove (Model JZT-A208).

These heat load unqualified products, can not meet the heating needs of consumers, affecting the normal use of consumers.