OPPO R11s good reputation to replace the new burst of R11 adult

Full screen camera phone OPPO R11s has been fully on sale, earlier official information revealed that R11s on sale for 30 minutes, which became the Jingdong, Lynx, Suning Tesco three platforms 2500-3000 yuan price segment of mobile phone sales At the same time, the aircraft in Lynx scored as high as 4.9, Jingdong and Suning platform is as high as 98% and 100%. Can be said to be selling fire, good reputation of the masterpiece.

OPPO R11s over the same period achieved even more than the previous month has dominated the top sales list R11, but R11s better sales performance is predictable, after all, this is a comprehensive upgrade compared to R11, 'plus not Fare increase 'full screen flagship.

Full screen has become 'standard', OPPO R11s also bring users 6 inches 18: 9 full screen, and conducted a number of optimization, to allow users to better enjoy the full screen brings visual upgrade. The new 'Star screen 'Let the front of the phone immersion and add a touch of fashion; upper and lower borders unique crescent curved design, not only scattered in the past stored in a hole in one hand grip is more rounded and comfortable.

OPPO R11s brings a new 'before and after 20 million' camera.Preposed 20 million AI wisdom beauty, capable of collecting 254 facial features points and intelligent analysis of the point of view Sex, age, skin color, skin and other information, so that everyone can have a unique beauty effect; rear 16 million +2000 million dual-camera selection, with double f / 1.7 large aperture, can automatically identify the lighting conditions and intelligent switch The main camera, dark light environment, the four pixels will be a smart aggregation of a large pixel 2.0μm, 3 times the sensitive area to enhance the shoot more clearly, in one fell swoop to solve the user's pain point.

OPPO R11s portrait photo shoot

OPPO R11s also equipped with ColorOS 3.2, AI artificial intelligence through multiple upgrades to bring users more efficient and efficient use of the experience.Especially in the young user-focused game features, R11s not only extended the R11 OPPO, Qualcomm, King glory tripartite joint Optimization of the 'continuous game two hours stable 60 frame' strong performance, but also for more games, more scenes are optimized, and fast travel outside the network protection can also ease the network delay dropped again, once again Enhance the gaming experience.

From the current sales data and user reputation point of view, a fully upgraded OPPO R11s will replace the R11 become a full screen era of new explosions, I am afraid the next few months the domestic fire the most comprehensive screen mobile phone is it!

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