R11s behind the hot | detail design become OPPO killer 锏

Full screen camera phone OPPO R11s after the first sales of innovative sales records, through the user evaluation point of view, the red version to become the favorite version of young users in multiple platforms have sold out of stock. Some users said that 'R11s red version of the United States Fried, too good looking than the red apple 7 ', there are users for the red version of the unique' Star screen 'design respected.

OPPO has been the pursuit of the ultimate mobile phone feel and beauty, in the details of the design excellence.In the R7 above, OPPO violin neck curve applied to the side of the R7, forming a "violin arc" elegant smooth back Put it down .In the R9 above, a condensing waist let light and shadow flow at the same time, holding the fit tiger frivolous .In R11 above, a 'flat non-flat' back surface, formed by the connection of numerous curves, Infinitely close to the plane, giving a good sense of grip, while looking more slim.


As OPPO the first full screen mobile phone, OPPO R11s in detail the design is even more hard work, and strive to allow users to enjoy a better use of the full screen mobile phone.

The first is the 'Star screen'. Through more than ten procedures, OPPO creates a red gradient at the upper and lower edges of the red version of the R11s mobile phone, showing a looming glow effect like a beautifully scattered surface of a planet Arc, so that the front of the phone immersed.

Followed by the Crescent bend, through the custom arc knife, in the upper and lower borders each made a space, this space can interface, speaker microphones, screw holes, these scattered parts to find a destination, so that they are more regular and scattered At the same time, its rounded arc secures the little finger that acts as a supporter when holding it with one hand and releases the pressure of the finger.

Finally, OPPO also patented the distance light perception of non-porous solution, while ensuring the light transmittance, does not affect the use of the distance sensing hole and light sensing hole cleverly hidden at the same time the fingerprint module is moved to the back, so In addition to the front of the screen, the naked eye is only one handset and a front camera, simple beauty to do.

The so-called details of the real chapter, for these details easily overlooked, OPPO are able to start from the user experience to do it better to glimpse the big enough to see OPPO attention to each product.

The reason why the R11s can be hot, the reason is that OPPO is 'from the user', 'from the product' attitude, especially the red version of the more stylish color and the unprecedented 'Star screen' hit the young user's Appeal for the details of the design crafted has become the killer OPPO.

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