Galanz created a microwave evolutionary history

Seventy years ago, the world's first domestic microwave oven was launched in the United States and was invented as a 'radar' because it was inspired by radar installations. In 1967, the success of the microwave oven became the mainstay of the home kitchen.

25 years ago, the microwave ovens in developed countries in Europe and the United States is already a household need for the general public, Chinese families generally do not know its existence.From 1992, Galanz from scratch, from weak to strong, all the way innovation and development, breaking foreign brands in the field of microwave ovens Dominate the world's pattern, leading the Chinese microwave oven industry constantly reborn, and continue to guide the global consumption of microwave ovens upgrade.

Over the past 20 years, from microwaves to light waves, from the square to the circle, from microwave to frequency microwave microwave frequency conversion, Galanz microwave oven 'monopolize the overall situation' has become a wonderful work of Chinese home appliances, leading the microwave industry in the world and a new wave of consumer spending.

In 1993, Galanz trial production microwave oven 10,000 units.

In 1998, Galanz microwave oven to 450 million units in the annual sales scale, the success of China's home appliance industry's first 'world champion'.

In 1999, Galanz opened the whole industrial chain development mode of microwave ovens and initiated the development of magnetron (heart of microwave ovens).

In the same year, Galanz launched its own microwave ovens and microwave ovens in 2001. In the same year, Galanz launched its own brand of magnetron, which was launched on the market in September of the same year. Galanz magnetron continued to meet the changing needs of society and global consumption. Optimize innovation.

Grasp the environmental protection, green, energy-saving trend, Galanz magnetron electron emission efficiency from 70% -71% to 75% -76%, from the root of the core components have to lead the microwave upgrade conditions, in order to create ultra-level energy efficiency Standard microwave oven products laid a solid foundation.

In 2009, Galanz devalued an energy-efficient microwave oven in China.

In 2011, the world's first circular smart microwave oven UOVO was launched at Galanz, which opened the era of microwave ovens. 'Power' is the annual buzzword. The UOVO equipped with 'China Core' contributes to innovation and low carbon: U8 Magnetron core technology, so that UOVO has a super energy efficiency at the national level performance; sphere three-dimensional energy-gathering design, the energy to the food gathering, so that the efficiency of the machine increased by 10%. This subversion microwave oven invention 60 years side of the door to open the traditional innovation, Fast cooking speed, less cooking power to achieve better cooking taste.

On March 28, 2012, Galanz released the first "Blue Book on Technical Technological Development of Microwave Oven Industry" at the "Brilliant 20 Years, Thanksgiving Greater China" Commemorative Meeting. It proposed that cloud intelligent microwave cooking platform, ultra-industry standard technical research and new low-carbon environmental protection new Material application as the industry technology direction in the next five years.

In 2013, Galanz successfully developed the first dual-mode inverter microwave oven to achieve microwave frequency conversion + microwave oven frequency synchronization cooking.Using a unique dual-mode inverter technology, Galanz i double conversion microwave oven heating efficiency than traditional microwave oven to enhance the efficiency of 50% When 30%.

In 2016, Galanz presented its latest smart home appliances to the IFA in Berlin, Germany. The Q6 series of micro-steaming machines, the 70th anniversary of the invention of microwave ovens, have been awarded the IFA 's "Energy Saving and Environmental Protection" by virtue of new technologies, new functions and new technologies Technology Gold Award. "This is to achieve 'microwave ovens + electric oven + electric oven' professional function of triple play, the application of advanced frequency microwave technology, with strong microwave cooking strength to achieve national energy efficiency standards at the same time a breakthrough 100% pure steam cooking, baking and grilling beyond professional ovens.

Today, Galanz not only has the core technology of microwave ovens, but also has the absolute leading microwave ovens whole industry chain and core self-supporting capability, leading from the whole machine to the core components such as magnetron, transformer and etc. With the progress of the times, Galanz With the ever-changing technology of microwave ovens, more and more new possibilities have been created for the pursuit of a better life of people.

Galanz professional intelligence to create microwave ovens 25 years so far to achieve the benefit of the world 500 million users, of which over 100 million users in China In order to enhance the user experience, a new generation of Galanz microwave loaded smart menu to meet today's consumers for health, fast, convenient, etc. Many needs, so that those who can not cook young people can easily get a soup with rice, a well-curated three meals a day, so that all people who love food discovery 'no fire, no fumes' cooking more Fun.