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Fast-paced city life not only increases people's mental stress, but also leaves no room for people to care for their own life: there are no regular eating habits, the home environment is in a mess, and the coat shirt is full of fur balls ... The habits, often also make a personal image of a mess.

In fact, life is full of fun, to enjoy the fun of life should operate their own life.This must first have to treat the attitude of life will not, just as the treatment of hair balls never on the Pentium small appliances PW328 Wick ball, To help you manage your own life within the scope of ability, the details of life will not be on the enjoyment of quality of life fun.

Quality life, wear gorgeous as well as dress.Pennier PW328 small household appliances using high-quality stainless steel knives net, bionic honeycomb mesh design allows flexible, can adapt to different clothing surface, intimate clothing, Smooth contact surface so that the efficiency of removal of clothing hair ball more efficient, so you in the tense pace of life, quickly remove the clothes on the small annoyance, to go clean and tidy image go.

Quality of life is an attitude toward the things in life will not like the new old tired, not because of the clothing on the small hair ball will be lost to the refrigerator or the bottom of the box. Pentium small appliances PW328 hair ball with steel forged clover Cyclone blade, floating razor hair ball, with the honeycomb knife net, the hair ball sharp cutting, will not damage the favorite clothing, restore your original smooth and clean clothing. New, so you hi new never read old.

Quality of life, is the strength of the stick in the handling of small and medium details. Pentium small appliances PW328 hair ball 600 mA high-capacity battery, battery power and more lasting power, strong battery power so that you have insisted on the momentum and clothing Fight the hairballs; plug-and-play USB charging function, to prevent you from giving up the clothes when the electricity is exhausted, so you insist on the complete cleaning of the hairball.

Details Achievements Quality life, Pentium PW328 small ball device intimate details of the details, give you a comfortable living experience; stylish design, streamlined handle, allowing you to flexibly and easily handle the hair on the ball of clothing details; Push-type switch design, automatic Safe protection, charging lights make you feel at ease, in the fast-paced life, comfortable and convenient treatment of hair balls.

Pentium small appliances PW328 hair ball device, so you get the details in a simple low-key to become a color, enjoy the high quality of life.