2017-11-16 Ai Ken home network / Lin Xia

Established in 2002 noble electrical ushered in the fifteenth anniversary of this year's celebration, which fifteen years several changes in the appliance industry, many brands in this process has been hard to find a trace, and noble adhere to the refrigeration products around the center, and gradually build Including refrigerators, washing machines, freezers and commercial cold chain related diversified industrial chain, through continuous layout of new profit growth point, promote brand size and influence continue to expand.

Honorable Chairman Wang Yi Rong Electric Group

On November 15, at the 15th Anniversary Celebration Ceremony of Jing'ai Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd. held in Huangshan Xiangming International Convention Center and the inauguration ceremony of Jingang Steel Refrigerator, Chairman Wang Yi Rong, Chairman of Premier Electric Group, approached the scene near Thousands of distributors summed up the significance of the conference. With the disruptive start-up of the steel refrigerator in the industry, the account opening on the distinguished opening session hit a new record high, doubling from the same period last year.

Use of steel technology to create a new refrigerator industry category

The first meeting of the steel refrigerator was defined as Wang Yi Rong 'noble 15th anniversary of adult ceremony', this new product has a total of 'LED steel dome lamp, the steel refrigerator gall bladder, steel double protective bottle, steel Frozen interior, the door of the steel frozen steel, steel doors, steel hidden duct, steel refrigerator liner, rotating steel shelves, wet and dry storage of the top ten 'golden body'.

Taking the steel liner as an example, the steel refrigerator has changed the history of the refrigerator for hundreds of years and applied the science and technology of the steel to the refrigerator products. The invention fundamentally solves the problems of odor, cracking, easy bacteria breeding and difficult cleaning Easy to change color and corrosion resistance and other issues.

Golden Steel refrigerator starter ceremony

Chen Guangyou, general manager of noble electrical group introduced, as the preferred choice of luxury watch and star dining equipment standard, the use of steel refrigerator liner compared to traditional plastic refrigerator liner has a very obvious advantage, first of gold Steel refrigerator liner fast cooling, thermal conductivity is 17W / MK, close to ordinary plastic liner thermal conductivity of 100 times; Second, in the storage capacity, the gate part of the cooling speed doubled effectively reduce the temperature inside the box to enhance In addition, the use of food-grade steel liner 304BA drawing process, the molecular structure is stable, encountered oil and other stains will not breed bacteria and harmful substances, can effectively inhibit bacteria. For a long time the excellent features, can maintain a certain humidity within the storage space, to achieve powerful moisturizing.

'Golden Steel refrigerator is the longest development time, the largest investment in a product that lasted 11 months developed this new product represents a noble and distinguished technology milestone, means that the distinguished products from functional to high-end transformation , From price competition to the quality and value of the competition, showing noble open the concept of upgrading the product of the new process. 'Wang Yirong said that the company has now won two national steel refrigerator, and food safety certification, the scene is still promised Golden Steel refrigerator only do not repair, through the product of the body to highlight the distinguished brand 'steel' sex.

Differentiated boutique shops the next fifteen years

Appliance industry in recent years to meet the wave of change after wave, especially in the refrigerator industry due to the downturn caused by the brutal competitive business format, the urgent need for differentiated products to break the homogeneity of competition 桎 桎.

Steel refrigerator display

Xu Dongsheng, vice chairman of the Association of household appliances analysis, distinguished release of the steel refrigerator as a flickering product layout of the refrigerator industry, the industry will inject new ideas for innovation and development, show the refrigerator industry restructuring and upgrading of the results, but also optimize the distinguished Lineup of products, enhance the noble brand image.

Remove the surging passion for product innovation, distinguished in the channel differentiation laying also has its own refined ideas, starting from the end of last year, noble appliances in the channel focus on promoting the construction of boutique image shop, through the outlets, booths, such as a sample Image transformation, enhance the competitiveness of distinguished channels.Currently, noble in the country has built nearly 2,000 boutique image shop, next year noble plan to create complete 8000 -10000 boutique image shop. With the advantages of the advantages of the steel refrigerator blessing, Must also be able to provide channels for greater premium capacity.

'The home appliance industry has been transformed and developed from a stable development to an innovative development. Users' concerns have also shifted from cost-effective products to differentiated and personalized needs. The development of enterprises can not be separated from products and channels. In 2018, the company will insist on product-oriented and terminal As the foundation to provide users with a better brand, product and service experience. 'Whether it is products or channels, Wang Yi Rong apparently has distinguished positioning in a new starting point above, through differentiation as the core of the distinguished model for Brand next fifteen years planning.