Burning fat three necessary conditions

The body needs three necessary conditions to burn fat, indispensable.

1. Exercise to achieve low to moderate exercise heart rate

What is low-intensity exercise rhythm, how to calculate? Here is a formula, we can calculate according to this formula for themselves, low-intensity exercise is how much heart rate.

Formula: low to moderate exercise heart rate = (220-age) × 60% - (220-age) × 80%

For example, a 20-year-old person, for him, had a moderate to moderate exercise heart rate of (220-20) x 60% - (220-2) x 80%, ie 120-160 times His moderate to low intensity heart rate was 120 beats / minute to 160 beats / minute, less than 120 beats / minute or more than 160 beats / minute, all of which were not moderate to low intensity heart rates and were not fat .

Low-intensity exercise, fat, a higher proportion of energy per unit of decomposition, consume more fat, the best weight loss.Low intensity exercise, although the highest proportion of fat, but the exercise intensity is low, Unit decomposition time, consumption of fat less intensive exercise mainly rely on glucose function, a small percentage of fat function, is not conducive to the decomposition and consumption of fat, the other obese people less physiological function, exercise early weight loss is usually very difficult Tolerate intense exercise.

2. Low-intensity exercise to last more than half an hour

The second important condition is that this low-intensity exercise in the heart rate of exercise to last more than 30 minutes, so as to achieve the purpose of burning fat.Because the general movement of the first time before burning glycogen, glycogen consumption is about the same time, after the stage of combustion Fat ratio gradually increased, so the longer duration of moderate-intensity exercise will burn more fat, as long as half an hour to one hour, 50% of the calories burned, the supply of fat by burning.

3 low-intensity exercise must be a large muscle group exercise

That jogging, swimming, aerobics and other sports, so as to effectively and effectively lose body fat.

For example, mahjong is a typical small muscle exercise, because of stress and other factors, when someone plays mahjong heart rate can reach low and medium intensity, and can last for a long time, more than twenty minutes, but because it is not a large muscle exercise , So can not achieve the effect of reducing fat.Furthermore, the passive movement caused by rejection of fat machine is also the movement of small muscle groups, it is absolutely impossible to achieve the purpose of reducing fat.

In short, healthy weight loss has always been a no shortcut, fitness exercise is the first choice, follow the above three conditions, your weight loss may be fruitful.In addition to not rely on external factors to lose weight (diet pills, weight loss equipment), opportunistic, Otherwise self-defeating, so you are not bustling in the diet.

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