How to take a bath stovepipe? Slimming exercise together

How can I take a shower? Can I lose weight? This is not a joke! As long as you grasp the small details of bathing and learn how to use the showerhead, you can enjoy the tenderness of water while enjoying the tenderness of water.

Shower head to lose weight

With the strong jet of water on the body of various parts of the body, especially in areas where the constant flushing massage should be noted that the massage should be washed away from the heart of the site.

The abdomen, in the abdomen clockwise clockwise and long-range irrigation, if the water flow can be strong when the weak is the best.

Legs, bend over the nozzle to the lower leg, from the bottom up red; alternately rinse massage legs, repeated several times alternately.

Scrub to lose weight

Scrub rubs blood circulation, but also to eliminate excess fat.First soak, and then with a rich foam bath cotton rub.Do not over-force, so as not to damage the skin.

Abdomen, with bath cotton in the abdomen rub from the bottom up, the more the more effective.

Buttocks, to stand up posture, from the legs up through the buttocks to the waist, rub 5, 6 times.

Legs, legs open, upper body bent forward, from the toes ankles, calves, thighs up rub. Repeated rub two or three times.

Local bath weight loss

Rinse a certain part of the body, as the whole body bath can promote blood circulation, play a partial weight loss, but also can eliminate fatigue.

Bath, soak in warm water for 5 to 10 minutes, can improve constipation and reduce fat accumulation.

Half-length bath, lower body bubble in warm water for 20 minutes to enhance weight-loss key areas of bathing, but also will not cause the heart burden.

Bath weight-loss exercise

How to wash your stovepipe? Soaked in hot bath with exercise, more direct use of water pressure and buoyancy to lose weight, but also to cause sweating and calorie consumption. Water level to reach the bath of seven to eight full. After the bubble still need to use soap Or shower gel, the whole body clean.

Calf exercises

Swinging around the leg, so as to fully feel the water pressure activities toes, the bottom of both feet against the wall of the bath, before and after forced squeeze movement a total of 20 times, so massage foot acupuncture.

Waist exercises

Left: Hold both sides of the bathtub with both hands, the waist against the bathtub wall, about the right friction friction 5 times, then squeeze 5 times before and after.

Right: hands on both sides of the bath, tiptoe, so that the body can swing, and then swing the waist left and right, a total of 5 times.

Thigh exercises

Left: Both hands on both sides of the bathtub, straighten the thigh, lifting up and down, so that the full consumption of fat legs.

Right: hands crossed from the inside out hugs the inside of the legs, outward force; legs inward force. Still 5 seconds, a total of 5 times.

Arm exercises

Hold both sides of the bath with both hands, arms slightly bent, so insisted 10 seconds, so that the hips muscle force.

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