176 inspection and quarantine line bid furnace | involving a number of chromatographic, liquid analysis methods

Quality is the foundation, safety is the bottom line .To play the role of quality inspection functions and the power of society as a whole, to find the safety bottom line, accelerate the implementation of quality strategy, standardization strategy is paramount. Recently, AQSIQ released the fourth batch of 2017 176 entry-exit inspection and quarantine standards, instead of the standard since the date of implementation of this standard abolished.

It is reported that the release of 176 industries, involving many types instrument Analytical methods, including chromatography, spectrometry, GC / MS, LC / MS analysis, electrochemical analysis, etc. For example: ion chromatography, liquid chromatography, spectrophotometry, gas chromatography - mass spectrometry, liquid Phase chromatography - mass spectrometry / mass spectrometry, potentiometric titration.

AQSIQ is responsible for quality control, metrology, exit and entry inspection, exit and exit sanitation and quarantine inspection, import and export of animal and plant quarantine, import and export food safety and accreditation, standardization and other responsibilities. With the continuous promotion of product quality improvement, quality Inspection Administration formulated the testing standards urgently needed by the market and became the key contributor to the promotion of China's quality inspection and standardization.

Obviously, the state attaches great importance to the overall reform of quality inspection and effective promotion of work.Quality inspection work carried out in an orderly and dynamic work under the "quality inspection" Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Science and Technology "issued out, clearly proposed to 'enhance Standard internationalization level "," building standard verification inspection point "and" building national technology standard innovation base "and other important tasks.According to the development of each product inspection and testing work, the establishment of a new type of inspection and testing standards has become a key measure to promote China's inspection and testing capabilities .

To carry out the quality improvement action, it is bound to be inseparable from the promotion standard.The perfect layout of the national superstructure team standardization work has become an important part of the national quality and technology foundation, which is promoting the transformation of the scientific and technological achievements in quality inspection, building new momentum for quality inspection and development and promoting science and technology Power and the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the quality of the country play an increasingly prominent role in basic strategic play to maximize the role of government and market economy to stimulate the release of power in the process of promoting our enterprises more extensive and in-depth participation in standardization activities to jointly build an open Win a new pattern of quality construction.