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Micro-whale projection M1 for the first time in the industry to achieve 2 million pixel 1080P projector miniaturization, allows you to feel deeper darker, brighter white, clear and extreme layering can make people feel delicate and beautiful every frame Open the micro whale projection M1, is like a ceremony to open the world, whether it is living room bedroom or restaurant, home or portable out, micro whale projection M1 at any time into full HD giant screen smart private theater, confuse each cell to its own Habitat, making it a part of life can not give up.

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Micro-whale launched last year, the industry's first 1 second auto-focus wireless Rubik's cube K1, this year launched the brightest micro-investment products F1, instant launch smart projection market, together TI exclusive new platform, introduced the industry's smallest non-shrinking 1080P smart projection The M1, 8.38mm DMD digital micromirror array display, complemented by a controller and PMIC / LED driver, provides a complete system solution for small package size, low power consumption and high resolution FHD display.

Although the micro-whale as an industry newcomer aims to provide young families with comfortable and enjoyable Internet entertainment experience and more quality of lifestyles.From the first generation of K1 and the second generation of F1's reputation, we can see, Micro-whale projection can accurately grasp the real needs of the market where the pain point, and compared to the same level of micro-whale M1 product prices, but also very close to the people, is a very cost-effective smart products, it allows each family can have their own Private theater.

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