1100 lumens / 1080P 3999 yuan Storm AI screenless TV Max6 release

Storm today released a flagship home projector products - AI screenless TV Max6, 1100ANSI lumens brightness, 1080P resolution, support for about keystone correction, basically reached the current micro-investment products, the highest specifications, and it The price is only 3999 yuan, 1000 yuan cheaper than similar products, this price is also a lot of people feel very surprised.

Storm AI screenless TV Max6 is in accordance with the standards of television and technology to create, in terms of quality, sound quality, content, AI, etc. are all high standards and strict requirements, which is also a lot of other micro-investment products do not have the advantage.

AI screenless TV Max6 to achieve the quality of the TV

Storm AI screenless TV Max6 appearance

Quality, AI screenless TV Max6 used light machine has the following technical advantages: Concentration using free-form surface condenser system; filter from Switzerland filter efficiency up to 98%, higher than the industry level of 94%; double The compound eye spot imaging system enables light utilization up to 90%, up from 70% in the industry; convolution optics for precision optical shaping up to 90% light uniformity; 2.07 million 5.4 micron-sized retroreflective elements for single pixel Brightness and color control; Spherical bonded prism compact system, allowing contrast up to 750: 1, higher than the industry more than 50%; in the resolution imaging, to achieve high resolution low distortion rate, the distortion rate of less than 1%.

Sound quality, AI screenless TV Max6 sealed large cavity inverted tube sound, curvature stroke inverted tube, NdFeB magnetic audio unit, Texas Instruments amplifier processing chip to achieve high fidelity, pure mute sound effects, Dolby + DTS dual-decoding / dual-sound reduction large original sound, plus three Connaught sound-chi, chief 'golden ear' tune to make the sound more pure, detailed, full.

Content, Storm AI screenless TV Max6 brings together the storm video, I love Fantastic Art, Austrian entertainment all video resources, as well as customized for 4KTV non-screen theaters surrounding theaters; online 10M high bit rate of the original picture-level ultra-clear, all Wireless 5.1 stereo surround sound, Dolby + DTS dual decoding / sound effects, storm cloud services online to speed up playback, 1800+ movies continue to update the source content, exciting content can not finish.

Storm big ears is the storm AI TV artificial intelligence assistant, just released the screenless TV Max6 has big four big storm ability.First of all, it can achieve listening to understand people, the depth of understanding of the context, many rounds of dialogue, identify the relationship between characters, identify The common point, etc .; Secondly, it uses the AI ‚Äč‚Äčinformation flow content layout, through the display of content that users are interested in, and the collection of user behavior data to achieve thousands of people's personal service; Furthermore, the storm Ear also has multi-tasking parallel processing and parallel service capabilities, any scenario can trigger services at any time; Finally, Max6 can also provide users with children's exclusive Magic Early Learning products, voice shopping, big screen music, ask around, Encyclopedia of life and other artificial intelligence service scene.

In addition, this product will continue to learn and continue to grow.In this conference, Storm TV announced the invitation of AI field 'big scientist' - Professor Feng Yan, the chief scientist Storm Tyrannosaurus to join Storm TV, Became Storm Chief Science Advisor. Storm TV announced the establishment of a joint laboratory with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Storm TV has been set up with the IEDAC artificial intelligence service laboratory in the future, they will continue to cultivate artificial intelligence services to help continue the field To achieve service optimization, innovative service areas.

In the hardware configuration, Storm AI screenless TV Max6 1.8GHz clock speed with 64-bit flagship chip, 2GB memory + 16GB flash memory, 2.4G / 5G dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1 and so on.

Storm AI screenless TV Max6 price of 3999 yuan, will be in Jingdong Mall, Storm Mall, storm TV official website for sale, November 1 has been opened blind, open November 10 at 10 am, and will be November 11 At 0 o'clock the start snapped up.Order snapped up can be reduced to 100 yuan, 200 yuan sun review, the first welfare as low as 3649 yuan.At the same time, VIP video members can enjoy the first free installation and the machine free maintenance 1 + N years (N for the first time Buy VIP video membership time).