Easy to control the summer heat | Yangtze intelligent inverter air conditioner starter

In recent days, cold air began a wide range of offensive, our country has opened up the freeze mode, because there is no warm sunshine, heating period has not yet reached, people can only wear Qiuyi Qiuku in the quilt hard resistance! In fact, think , Let us instantly warm up a lot of equipment, especially smart air-conditioning, not only heating quickly, strong performance, its intelligent function also gives us the ultimate temperature experience.

With the prevalence of the concept of smart home, a strong performance, speed warm, smart, high-end, energy-saving air conditioners more and more users. Recently, has always insisted on innovation, adhere to quality, uphold the latest energy-saving Yang introduced a smart inverter cylinder Guiji air conditioner, which launched not only to meet the user continues to leap in the pursuit of high-end quality of life, but also to give people a smart, comfortable, healthy new experience.

This Yangzi intelligent inverter air conditioner with cylindrical cabinet design, gold and luxury integrated appearance manufacturing, the product equipped with a Mitsubishi compressor, an energy efficiency, not only start fast, energy saving, long life, operating efficiency is also very stable; Layer of high-density filter, can block the family for PM2.5, formaldehyde and other harmful gases; In addition, the aircraft also equipped with intelligent features, APP intelligent control, intelligent defrost, intelligent ECO model, so that family feel really smart; Design, air conditioning hair softer, from the farewell drama cold heat caused by uncomfortable, let us more fun to enjoy the warmth of air conditioning.

Air conditioning design can directly affect the overall image of the home environment, the Yangtze intelligent air conditioning overall gives a high-end, body light feeling, the body with smooth curve design, exquisite and lightweight, save nearly 50% of the cabinet space, on the living room corner, Air conditioning body tone for the most popular gold design this year, elegant and noble, can instantly enhance the home style.

The top of the fuselage with LED gold touch screen, not only real-time display of the current room temperature, the user can adjust the temperature, wind speed, touch key operation sensitive, elderly children can easily control.

LED gold touch screen

Air conditioning air outlet with lengthened, heightening design, 975mm out of the air height above the knee, do not blow the child head, the elderly legs; 1300m³ / h large circulation air circulation to strengthen the air circulation, 140 ° wide-angle air supply, Pendulum leaf design, the scope of air supply is also more extensive.

The outlet

Energy efficiency rating is a measure of air-conditioning is one of the core indicators of energy-saving, higher energy efficiency, energy-saving effect, the better, the more money; Yangtze intelligent air conditioning for the first level of energy-efficient air conditioning, high efficiency and energy saving at the same frequency temperature is more balanced, Air conditioning suddenly hot and cold problems, to achieve long-term energy saving, even if the long time to open also do not have to worry about electricity, users can rest assured that use.

With the fog of the haze days approaching, indoor air quality more and more people concerned about the air conditioning when the room are in a closed state, although the temperature is comfortable, but the enclosed space can easily lead to air pollution, this way, Taiwan has air purification function of the air conditioning is very necessary.

Yangzi intelligent air-conditioning built-in multi-purpose convenient removable multi-layer high-density filter, can double-effect clean air in the small dust, smell, for the family to create a healthy home living environment.In addition, air conditioning internal aroma module, When the distribution will be pleasant fragrance, not only to purify the air, but also play a role in removing mosquitoes, peace of mind soothe the nerves, the family breathe more comfortable and comfortable.

In addition, this air conditioning in the protection of the elderly, children have more intimate design of health - anti-cold design, cold winter, heating function after the start, the air inside the body after the heat to send hot air, to prevent the cold wind blowing, heating More humane, family feel more comfortable and warm.

Clean air conditioning has always been a headache for one thing, but for the self-cleaning function of the air conditioning, it is very easy!

Yangtze intelligent air conditioning equipped with self-cleaning function, when the air conditioning is turned off, the blades continue to send air, dry the evaporator moisture, air conditioning using auxiliary heating out of the evaporator on the residual moisture and water droplets, low wind further drying residual Moisture, which effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria, so that air-conditioning easily bid farewell to smell and moldy bacteria.

Intelligent features to join, greatly facilitate our lives, air conditioning in the remote control with the phone, people have not arrived, the room temperature has been quickly adjusted to the most comfortable state, the entire house is full of warmth, so that the family was warm package , Users no longer need to wait for a long time air temperature slowly rising, really convenient, filling the human design.

The machine supporting the operating software for the 'Jingdong micro-union', through the installation and installation of APP using 'Jingdong micro-joint' software to WIFI intelligent control module to send control commands to achieve the control of air conditioning management.

Follow the APP prompt to add the device

Yangzi air-conditioning appliances integrated control technology, in addition to remote control air conditioning, but also through the remote air conditioning to do further control, so that the real intelligent control.

In addition, the air conditioning is also equipped with intelligent ECO super energy-saving mode, just gently start the ECO button, outdoor machine special sensor probe, can detect the current external temperature, automatically enter the most suitable super energy-saving mode, at least save power than the normal operating state 20%. Unique dual-stage dual-mode operation to outdoor 30 ℃ as the critical point, for different environments 8 hours precision temperature control, allowing users to enjoy a comfortable energy-saving experience.

Ordinary air conditioning start often issued a huge noise, quarrel family can not rest, watching TV, noise often make the family feel irritable, grumpy, can imagine, a superior performance, low noise air conditioning for a family Say how important it is!

In the ambient noise of 37.1 dB, measured the Yangtze air conditioning a file of noise 39 dB, second gear noise of 46.3 dB, third gear noise of 55.3 dB; through the test, the maximum noise will not affect the family watching TV, chat This low noise level benefits from the quad noise reduction technology incorporated into the product: high-density air guide vanes, indoor DC motors, Mitsubishi compressors and noise reduction foot pads to reduce noise during air conditioning operation.

Breeze experience wind speed test

The greater the wind speed, the greater the amount of air flow, the temperature of the room will cover more quickly to reduce the long wait, to be able to quickly clean air, comfortable temperature delivery to all corners of the room.

The measured wind outlet maximum wind speed of 4.95m / s, we can see that the wind speed performance of the aircraft can be described as very good, large circulation air flow more comfortable, heart.

Now indoor air pollution, haze, PM2.5, secondhand smoke, formaldehyde and other harmful gases to our body, Yangtze air conditioning equipped with multiple filters, filtering harmful gases in the air, the purification effect in the end how? We use the air quality test The instrument tests the indoor air quality, and the indoor PM2.5: 126μg / m³ and PM10: 316μg / m³ are measured, which belongs to the light pollution.

Measured at the air-conditioning outlet PM2.5: 12μg / m³, PM 10: 36μg / m³, are high-quality air; visible, Yangtze air conditioning air purification capacity is still very effective, to provide cleaner air for the family.

Heating windows extremely speed heating experience

In the heating window period, the indoor air temperature is low, we conducted the heating function of the Yangtze air conditioning test site is 50 square meters of living room, we close the doors and windows, the smart temperature logger two temperature probes were put In the outlet and the center of the room; the temperature recorder is set to record changes in temperature every minute; air conditioning is set to the maximum heating temperature of 25 ℃, and open the file mode strong 12 hours, record the temperature curve.

Test site

Outlet, the initial indoor temperature

After 2 minutes outlet to reach the set temperature value

After 7 minutes the room temperature reaches the set temperature value

From the temperature control curve point of view, air conditioning heating curve slope, indicating air conditioning heating rate is very fast, only 2 minutes outlet to reach the set temperature value, 7 minutes the indoor temperature has reached the set temperature value, in addition , Experienced a rapid heating phase, the temperature slowed down significantly, the temperature curve stable operation, indicating that air-conditioning temperature control ability is also very good.Overall, indoor temperature and air conditioning throughout the heating test is very good (red curve For the outlet temperature, blue curve for the indoor temperature)

Such a smooth heating capacity also benefited from the Yangtze mounted high efficiency inverter compressor, which uses the advantages of frequency conversion technology to control the compressor power, perception of air conditioning internal temperature rise, the conversion to high-power operation, in order to achieve rapid heating.

Through the above description and test, I believe we have to understand the Yangtze air-conditioning, it has a refined and elegant design, its equipped with the Mitsubishi compressor, it has a large air volume, more stable operation, whether it is cooling or heating , The speed is faster, and with the mobile phone remote control, people can be home to enjoy a warm and comfortable environment, filling the human nature.

In addition, air-conditioning energy efficiency far exceeds the level of energy efficiency at the national level, even if the long-term open do not have to worry about power, the air conditioning performance is strong, full of power, caring cold-proof design, more intimate care of the family; in the upcoming winter, Yangtze air conditioning can bring you the ultimate extraordinary comfort!