3699 yuan | micro whale released the smallest size 1080P intelligent projection M1

Micro whale projection M1 in the last day of October release, which is the whale's third projection products. Have to say that micro whale every micro-cast products can give me a surprise, the first release of K1 parallel Quadrilateral design, and later F1 and F1 Plus to 1200ANSI lumens of ultra-high brightness, this M1 is not only a small eight-sided design, and the resolution reached 1080P, such a small 1080P micro-vote or the first time to see.

In February this year, the news that Texas Instruments TI introduced a 0.33-inch 1080P resolution DLP chipset, but has not seen the corresponding product floor, micro whale projection M1 is used in this new TI platform, becoming the first time in the industry To achieve a 2 million pixel 1080P models of small intelligent projection, to solve the micro-cast people criticize the low resolution of the problem, and it is the same type of product compared to the average reduction of 50%.

In addition to 1080P Full HD resolution, M1 also uses the micro-whale independent research and development of color management engine, the introduction of 24 quality and color enhancement technology to support HDR video decoding, comprehensively enhance the quality performance, sound quality is carefully adjusted to support the panorama Sound DTS sound, can be used as a separate Bluetooth WiFi sound. In addition micro-whale projection M1 also auto focus, smart eye, intelligent voice, full platform wireless cast screen, the first introduction of A73 architecture chip platform, exclusive design vortex and open Axial fan cooling system, integrated high-quality video platform resources at home and abroad and other advantages.

The 'whiskey' should be 'face', micro whale M1 with small and exquisite octagonal design, but also to make the projection is very flexible, such as direct cast on the ceiling, and the overall use of sandblasting process aluminum alloy shell, and before Panel and embellished on both sides of platinum gold, simple but not simple, has now won the 2017 China Design Gold Award.

Micro-whale M1 was released at the just-opened 'Micro-whale Future House' soon after. It turned out to be an abandoned old Beijing Siheyuan. After the transformation of the micro whales, it has become a space where people can feel their future life. Not only can they feel smart The interoperability of home appliances, modular furniture and 'heart and mind' control ability, compact micro-whale M1 which will also meet the user living, office, salon, party and other living needs.

Micro-whale that, with the development of intelligent projection technology, a new round of home private cinema revolution has been launched.Intelligent projector is suitable for ordinary family equipment, it is constantly in the picture quality to the LCD TV and traditional projector line, compared to television , The smart projection screen to how much is not much, do not occupy the space is not afraid of small space, and the price, content, with the screen smart operation experience is far superior to the LCD TV and traditional projector, micro whale M1 with 'give you a sense of life ritual' Is to redefine the importance of projection in family life.