Minimum 1080P intelligent projection | micro whale M1 experience evaluation

In the field of television, 4K concept has long been popular, 4K TV basic has been achieved universal access, at least can reach 1080P, but the micro-projection market is only a few products to 1080P resolution, and the price is high, Many people's psychological prices are expected.However, has launched K1, F1 and other micro-investment products micro-whale has just released the most compact size of the 1080P Full HD projection - M1, it may be your long-awaited.

Small size, smooth and smooth

For the micro-cast, the resolution is mainly related to its built-in chip.According to the February exposure of this news, the basic monopoly of micro-cast chip Texas Instruments TI Corporation introduced a new 1080P resolution DLP Pico chip, A smaller volume is possible.

Micro whale M1 and Kindle size comparison

One hand can easily pick up M1

Positive metal wire drawing panel

Micro-whale M1 is not only small size, more prominent is the fine. Shell is a pure metal material, after anodizing and other processes to highlight the texture, and the corners are through the 45 ° drilling treatment, leaving no sharp edges and corners, The details of the processing is in place. Front lens at the panel using metal wire drawing, a large and a small two lenses, you can determine this is a support for auto focus models.

Octagonal unique shape

Flexible multi-angle display

Back heat hole

Micro-whale released the first micro-investment products K1 is a parallelogram design, the release of the M1 also has a unique shape, from the side can be seen that it is an octagonal, very design sense (M1 won 2017 China's good design gold medal), and this design allows one hand can easily grip, while in the placement of the position is more flexible, especially the upward approach, very practical, do not find things pad high, but because of heat The outlet is located in the corner, so that will affect the release of part of the heat.

The interface is on the side and has a cover protection

Micro-whale M1 to the power button and all interfaces are on the side, and Audio, HDMI, USB these interfaces use the cover to hide, to ensure the integration of the machine, not because of the existence of the interface affect the overall value.In addition, HDMI and USB Are the latest interface specifications, in the transmission of high-definition video with ease.

At the top of the machine there is a strip of light, the night looks very touching

There are four mats on the bottom and standard 1/4 connectors

Standard Bluetooth voice remote control

1080P viewing effect?

Clarity and brightness are the two main aspects of microbide development, micro-whale M1 brightness than the previous 1200ANSI lumens F1 slightly lower, but in the dark environment, the gap between the two is very small, after all, this is the projection Equipment, the most important use of the scene, this time should be more attention on the clarity.

Micro Whale M1's brightness is slightly lower than F1, but the brightness after the light is fully enough to use

Resolution upgrade experience after the upgrade will be a significant upgrade, especially in the case of more and more high-definition film source, like a whale TV / projection products in a lot of content can reach Blu-ray or even 4K level, 1080P micro whale M1 You can make these high-definition film source to the greatest use.

Micro Whale content platform has a lot of ultra-high-definition resources

1080P viewing effect

When watching the local 1080P movie, the resolution of 1080P micro-whale M1 advantage is obvious, the figure's hair, skin and architectural details and textures are clearly visible in the 100-inch screen under the effect is very obvious, if the use of 720 / 800P projection equipment, viewing effects will be greatly reduced.

Through this EXCEL form can see the advantages of 1080P clarity, the font clear and sharp, without the slightest sense of blur.

Micro-whale M1 projection of the screen has a good color accuracy, color reduction in place, clarity after the upgrade, more fully demonstrated its brightness and color on the expression, with 24 own quality processing technology sharp color The management engine also played a big role.

In addition, M1 also supports HDR image decoding technology, through the HDR film "juvenile fantasy drift" projection screen can be seen, contrast, color and light and dark details have been a very good presentation.

Content content is high quality

Micro whale projection and micro-whale TV are the same content source, mainly from Tencent video, but also assembled TVB, Can and other Chinese cultural investment in high-quality content, while the whale also integrated BBC, Sesame Street, Nick children and other international Children's channel of high-quality animation resources, a total of platinum, diamonds, whale whales Gakuen three members package, compared to other micro-investment products, there is no small advantage in the content.

The number of cinemas is more timely and updated

In addition to TV hit TV drama "Acts 2" and other TVB drama

Variety show is a lot of exclusive content

In addition to the above content there are animation, music, information, opera, panoramic VR and so on

Some interesting features

In addition to the content, micro whale M1 there are many interesting features, many of which are related to voice control, such as the use of equipped with Bluetooth voice remote control can fast forward, rewind, check the weather conditions, jokes, etc., Way into the 'sound mode', and micro-whale projection is also a very powerful cast screen technology, no network can also wireless screen.

Through the voice of the machine into the audio mode

Micro Whale M1 can be used as a separate sound, as long as the use of equipped with Bluetooth voice remote control to say 'sound mode' can, this time the projection module to stop working, automatically play shrimp music, watercress FM music, or directly It is playing U disk music. Micro Whale M1 with dual speaker system design, support DTS, Dobby dual decoding, although small size, but the sound quality has a good performance.

After connecting the projection hot spots can be cast screen operation

Do not rely on the network to cast pictures on the big screen to watch

If the phone and projection in the same network state, whether Apple or Andrews equipment, with the screen operation is easy to achieve, and micro whale projection is also powerful there is no network can also cast screen, practical and significantly improved The specific operation is like this, long press the menu button click on the 'projection hot' option, use the phone to connect the hot spot, through the micro whale assistant APP can phone pictures, video and projection synchronization.

Micro Whale cast screen technology is very powerful

Computer projection screen in the business office is very practical

Micro whale M1 computer projection screen function is also very practical, especially in the field of business office, the use of Windows computers to open the Chrome browser, enter the appropriate address after the installation plug-in can achieve wireless projection screen because it is encoded by way of two Screen, so that the geographical display, but also to micro-whale projection to become the first to support the projection screen projection screen, remote meetings can be easily achieved, and its stability than the Airplay, DLNA, Miracast more stable, can significantly improve Office efficiency.

Finally, the micro whale M1 in addition to the resolution of the upgrade, the hardware configuration is also stronger, using the A73 architecture processor, performance than the common A53 architecture to enhance the 60%, with 2GB of memory, not only the local decoding power, the system operation Can also be smooth not cardton.

Experience summary

Micro Whale M1 with a very small volume to achieve 1080P HD projection, support for auto focus, so that micro-cast viewing experience has been a significant upgrade, and it also continued the micro whale TV content and intelligent control experience, which is generally Micro-investment products do not have the advantage of the current product is Jingdong to 3699 yuan in the price of the reservation, it can be said that the price section to experience the best models, and if there is such a recent demand must not miss.