Gift industry professionals must see! Domestic industry trends analysis

Gift industry development trend of one:

Gift line will be to the brand trend

More and more gift companies recognize the brand's influence and appeal, in order to avoid disorderly competition, to take the initiative in the market.Compared to some well-funded and powerful companies began planning brand layout, brand development, this point in the The first half of 2012 has been quite obvious, I believe that the second half will have more companies to this development, the second half will be with more gift brands appear.

Gift industry development trend of two:

Segment the gift market structure, starting from the details to seize business opportunities

With the development of the gift industry, with the fierce competition, gift companies think from the details to do the market, through different customer groups to determine the different market operations, and some companies even give up the original business model, to give up the original market The scope of their market confined to one, from small to start, and some financial gifts to do a single financial, wedding gifts have to do the wedding, they try to make this product through a single model more fine and more professional And then through this single consumer groups to drive the entire consumer chain, thus creating a more accurate gift supply chain.Also some gift companies through the product line to strengthen the advantages of a category of products and dominance, such as only promotional gifts, there are Specifically for creative gifts, specifically for the pen, specifically for the cup, to become a product leader

Gift industry development trend of the three:

Network e - commerce, the store joined the cooperation

With the development of the network more people to contact and understand the network, there are more consumers through the network for shopping, consumption, gift companies also pay attention to this point, the network more gift mall, Taobao shop also emerging, Not only through the Internet company to wait for more benefits, and the company also through the network to promote the brand, so the network of e-commerce will be the future development trend of consumption, not only for the gift industry.

More franchise stores appear in our side, which is the gift industry at this stage a necessary stage of development, through the cooperation through cooperation in various places to join cooperation, customer service to provide attractive optimization policy, making all kinds of franchise stores across the country The company through this joining not only for the company to bring the benefits, but also brought a long-term prospects for development, joined through the cooperation of the industry chain, for the future development of the gift industry to do more consideration.

Gift industry development trend of four:

Gift of the personalized, humane, creative

Gift companies not only take into account the external factors are taking into account the inherent factors of the gift, through constant innovation, with a variety of creative, personalized gifts to attract consumers, which is a lot of the company's creative gifts competing to sell , Unknown is one of the more prominent, the product of the unique, creative, strange and so attract a lot of consumers.New product is the introduction of cooperation to join the policy, so that with more people to join them.