No network can also wireless screen | micro whale intelligent projection F1 Plus experience

A few months ago we have evaluated the micro whale projection F1, the first time to see F1 Plus is a whale in a line of activities, snow-capped mountains white color is very compelling, compared to F1 glacier gray, snow white white look More clean and concise, especially the above Geneva pattern (whales want to use this design to express the Swiss Lake water fluctuations in the United States), next to the area is also carefully handled, trying to express the delicate texture of the Swiss snow-capped mountains, can be described as micro-investment Yan Value to play.

Snow and white appearance

F1 Plus with cardboard packaging, unpacking process is full of ritual sense. First of all, the eye is the diamond platinum members of the card, which in the whale TV / projection products are rare, 499 yuan / year can Watch Tencent video, mango TV, TVB and other popular content. Packaging inside there is a layer of black sponge, for the machine to provide comprehensive protection.

Power and focus button

The entire body only power and focus on two buttons, according to the previous F1 experience, because you can use the equipped Bluetooth voice remote control wake-up function, the entity keys are not many opportunities.

The lens is wiped with wearable glass, but the use of the use or to be more careful. Cooling outlet is located in front of the machine, the heat generated when the work will not have an impact on the human body.

The back is a large gap between the four interfaces, the use of time will not because of space and 'fight', from left to right are power, USB3.0, HDMI2.0 and headphones, in fact, USB and HDMI are the latest Interface specifications, to meet the ultimate pursuit of audio and video.

The bottom of the four large feet, put on the table to use very secure, and the middle position there is a standard 3/4 interface, you can use the tripod to fix it in any place to use.

Gently pull out the accessory box

The accessories box is neat and orderly

Continuation of generations of classic remote control design

Power cord and remote control

F1 Plus in the packaging design is better than F1 is a place where the bottom of the box can be pulled out like a drawer, power cord, remote control neat and orderly, from the packaging will be able to its degree of concern. Device, and before compared to no change, in fact, the first generation of micro whale TV is the use of such remote control design, it is easy to use.

High brightness can see cool

Micro-whale F1 Plus with 0.47-inch DMD chip, resolution of 1280 × 800, due to the use of LED light source, life can reach 30,000 hours, so there is no replacement lamp worries, the normal use of the cycle do not need to worry about its life problems. 1.2: 1 projection ratio, easy projection of 100 inch screen, which is the LCD TV does not have the advantage.

Turn on the projection effect

Turn off the lighting effect

Micro-whale projection F1 Plus and the previous F1 are the same 1200ANSI lumens brightness, which is currently the highest micro-cast product brightness specifications, for a lot of brightness only a few hundred lumens micro-cast, the light or outdoor light interference under the screen White and white, and 1200ANSI lumens micro-whale projection F1 Plus has a strong ability to resist light, so in the day can also have a good viewing effect, do not need to do too much in the shading work.

HD dynamic screensaver screen

Through these high-definition dynamic screensaver can be seen, micro-whale F1 Plus projection of the screen clear and sharp, clear color levels, and the contrast is also high, dark scenes have good details of the performance, such as the last night after the fall The contours become more and more deep, the stars look very dazzling.

One year diamond members see cool

Micro-whale intelligent projection F1 Plus content resources are many, not only integrated Tencent video, mango TV's strong content, but also assembled TVB, Can and other Chinese cultural investment quality content, and it also contains a year worth of 499 yuan Diamond membership services, free to play want to see the content is not restricted.

Includes 12 months Diamond membership service

The number of cinemas is more timely and updated

"Actuator 2" and other TVB drama

Mango TV hit the variety

In addition to these, whale also has a collection of Nick children, BBC, Sesame Street, full school, talent and other high-quality animation and educational content of the children's channel, sports channel, including Super, CBA, Champions League, including a large number of sports events , There are also a variety of content such as animation, music, information, opera, panorama VR.

The most fun smart micro-cast

Micro-whale F1 Plus's voice function not only makes control very simple, there are many fresh and fun features, such as evoke 'focus' function, into the 'sound mode', another micro-whale Whale F1 Plus cast screen technology has been developed to the point of perfection, no network can also wireless screen.

The voice evokes the focus function

If you are too lazy to press the focus button on the fuselage, only need to use the Bluetooth voice remote control to say 'focus' word, the machine will soon enter the focus mode, through the remote control left and right keys can make the image change It is clear and sharp.As for the keystone correction does not need to manually operate, each time it will automatically start.

Through the voice of the machine into the audio mode

Micro-whale intelligent projection F1 Plus built-in dual speakers, in addition to large-screen viewing, but also can be used as a separate sound to use, as long as the 'sound mode' can say, this time the projection module to stop working, automatically play shrimp music, Douban FM music, in addition it can also play U disk music, 20cm interval dual speaker design can show a good stereo sound field.

After connecting the projection hot spots can be cast screen operation

Do not rely on the network to cast pictures on the big screen to watch

If the phone and projection in the same network state, whether Apple or Andrews equipment, with the screen operation is easy to achieve, and micro whale this projection is also powerful in the absence of the network can also cast screen, practical and significantly improved A lot of the specific operation is like this, long press the menu button click on the 'projection hot' option, use the phone to connect the hot spot, through the whale assistant APP can phone pictures, video and projection synchronization.

Micro-whale's screen technology is very comprehensive

Computer screen in the business office is very practical

F1 Plus's fun is also reflected in its intelligent system, and micro-whale TV roughly the same WUI2.0 system in ease of use and playability has many commendable places, and it uses a 64-bit dual-core Coretex-A53 architecture Device, 1GB memory + 8GB flash memory, you can smooth decoding a variety of formats of the film, install multiple third-party software can also experience the effect of smooth and not cardton.

Experience summary

Yan value and performance is now we buy digital technology products focus on two important aspects, micro whale intelligent projection F1 Plus these two aspects are done.

From the point of view, F1 Plus micro-cast in the rare snow-capped mountains of white color, full of ingenuity of the Geneva Department of the product reflects the details of the ultimate pursuit of the performance, 1200ANSI lumens to achieve the current micro-investment products, the highest brightness Specifications, significantly enhance the viewing experience, built-in 499 yuan / year diamond membership services greatly rich viewing content. F1 Plus there are many fresh games, such as through voice control into the 'audio mode', no network can also wireless screen, computer Cast screen and so on, is a really nice, fun and better use of micro - investment products