Artificial intelligence micro whale F1 smart projector | Jingdong price 2999 yuan

Micro whale also launched its own smart micro-cast K1 series, the recent micro whale brought us the latest intelligent voice projection F1 series. Micro whale smart micro-cast F1 clever use of Mr. Dieter Rams minimalist design of the 1960 classic album shape, Emphasizes the form of the function with the effort to fade unnecessary decoration.The overall shape can be used to describe the sleek profiled across, but in fact the corner are used CNC chamfer processing more refined.

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Micro whale smart micro-cast F1 as a whole is the color of glacier gray, it seems low-key calm temperament, will not be overwhelming, usually not used when the free living in the living room is also a delicate ornaments. Micro whale smart micro-cast F1 fuselage on the back of four Interface, respectively, is the power interface, USB3.0 interface, HDMI2.0 interface and 3.5mm audio interface, and micro-whale intelligent projection K1 considerable.For the author point of view, for micro-investment products, in addition to power interface, other interface Most users are not on, especially in the case of rich Internet resources, few people will choose to download their own videos, through the hard drive to watch, but there is no better, as a micro-cast, the whale this projection Interface in the market is rich, HDMI2.0 interface also makes it to meet the needs of daily office projection.

Micro-whale smart micro-cast F1 overall weight of only 1.2kg, for this level of projection equipment can be said to be very light. At the same time micro-whale smart micro-cast F1 also passed a variety of reliability testing, is the industry's only EMC certified brand . Appearance and products on the micro whale smart micro-cast F1 inside and outside the material selection, safe and reliable, consumption is also enough time to buy.

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