What are the pvc products and what are their processes?

1, pvc General soft products. Mainly use the extruder to squeeze it into hoses, cables and wires, etc .; re-use of injection molding machine with a variety of molds, can be made plastic Sandals, soles, slippers, toys, auto parts and so on.

2, pvc film pvc mixed with the additive, wait until the plastic, the use of three-roll or four-roll calender made of the specified thickness of the transparent or colored film, you can use this method to process the film, it becomes a calendering film. After heat treatment into package Bags, raincoats, tablecloths, curtains and inflatable toys, etc. Wide transparent film can be made into greenhouse, plastic greenhouses or made of plastic film.If the biaxially stretched film, it is subject to heat shrinkage characteristics, can be used Shrink packaging.

3, pvc coated products. The substrate of the artificial leather is pvc paste on the cloth or paper, and then after 100 degrees Celsius high temperature plastic molding and can also be pvc and Additives Rolled into a thin film, and then pressed together with the substrate.No substrate of the artificial leather is directly from the calendering machine into a certain thickness of the soft sheet, and then pressure on the pattern can be used to make leather luggage, purses, Book cover, sofa and car cushion, and so on floor Leather, used as a floor material for buildings.

4, pvc foam products. Early soft pvc kneading time, add the right amount of foaming agent can be made pvc sheet, foam molding for the foam, can be made a bubble slippers, sandals, insoles, and shock buffer Packaging materials can also be used as the basis of extruder made of low foaming hard pvc plate and profile, can replace the use of wood, it is a new type of building material.

5, pvc transparent sheet. In pvc plus impact modifier and organotin stabilizer, after mixing, plasticizing, rolling into a transparent sheet. In the use of thermoforming can be made of thin-walled transparent containers or used for Vacuum plastic packaging, is an excellent packaging materials and decorative materials, such as moon cake box is made with pvc sheet.

6, pvc paste resin. Pvc dispersed in the liquid plasticizer, it swelling and plasticization of the formation of plastisols, usually with the emulsion or micro-suspension resin, but also need to add stabilizers, fillers, colorants, etc., by Fully stirred, degassed, dubbed pvc paste, and then into, dipping, casting or slush and other processing into a variety of products such as racks, tool handles, Christmas trees and so on.

7, pvc hard board and plate. Pvc by adding stabilizers, lubricants and fillers, after mixing, with the extruder can be extruded in a variety of caliber pipe, shaped tube, bellows, can be used as a water pipe, Drinking water pipe, wire casing or staircase handrail. Its acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance of the good performance, it will be rolled thin sheet of hot pressing, can be made into a variety of thickness of the hard plate. Pvc plate easy to cut, it Can be cut into the desired shape, and then use the PVC electrode with hot air welding into a variety of chemical corrosion of the storage tanks, air ducts and containers.