Want to achieve the best weight loss effect | these figures can not be ignored

But also for the weight loss efforts of the partners who are most concerned about the number of what? Body weight? Body circumference? Calories? Exercise time, but even if you have been very focused on these figures, you still can not be happy and thin is why?

What is the relationship between heart rate and fat burning?

Heart rate: quiet state of the heart every minute beat the number of times, usually 60 to 100 times / min.

Heart rate on the meaning of fat reduction: the faster the heart rate of exercise, calories burn faster. The maximum heart rate of 60% to 75% of aerobic exercise fat burning the best heart rate range.

Whether it is aerobic exercise, or anaerobic exercise, only to reach the movement corresponding to the optimal heart rate value, in order to achieve better exercise results.Motion to a relatively strong stage, the muscles need more oxygen to transform energy material, And the heart to improve the speed of blood transfusion to the muscles, the frequency will be faster to beat the heart beat faster, indicating that the movement of the heart and lung exercise at this time the greater the intensity, while the faster heart rate, the faster oxygen consumption, calories burning more fast.

What is the difference between heart rate, heartbeat, and heart rhythm?

The heart rate is the unit that counts the number of heart beats within 1 min.

Heart rhythm refers to the rhythm of the heart beating. Healthy heart rhythm should be very uniform, heart disease or cardiac nerve function is not normal, it may lead to we often hear the 'arrhythmia'.

And heartbeat, it refers to the heart beating action.

The relationship between the three is still very well understood, and we said in this article, it is heart rate (HR).

What is the effect of heart rate on weight loss?

The body is a very sophisticated system, the movement of any factor changes will have a different impact on the results of the movement.

1, low heart rate: exercise intensity is not large, muscle oxygen sufficient, aerobic breathing dominated aerobic breathing consumption of fat and sugar as a body for energy, such as walking, jogging and so on.

2, high heart rate: the intensity of exercise, the circulatory system to the muscle cells of the oxygen can not keep up, making anaerobic breathing increased, while the anaerobic breathing only consumption of sugar as a body for energy such as sprint, movement.

Comprehensive understanding of the above two points, low heart rate, the body mainly consumption of carbohydrates and fat, but this time the body exercise is small, the consumption of fat is also less;

High heart rate, the total amount of exercise, but the body mainly consumption of sugar as a supply of energy, but less fat consumption, so in the case of fat as a sports, there will be a most suitable for fat loss heart rate Interval.

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