Technology heard: iOS 11 official release, more and more like Andrews

1, iOS 11 official release: you can upgrade!

For the official version of iOS 11, I believe we are more clear, or increase the practical function of the main upgrade to the iPad.When upgrading the new system, iPhone control center can be free to add settings, such as turn off the cellular data, while the system But also save GIF animation.

In addition, Apple also for domestic users in iOS 11 to add a specific function, mainly two-dimensional code scanning, fraud SMS identification, Pinyin keyboard and voice recognition in Shanghai dialect.

The upgrade is to open your iOS device, find the software update in the generic, and then just update the OTA just fine.

Comments: iOS in the system interaction has begun to gradually follow the traces of Andrews system learning, in many ways these two operating systems more and more similar.

2, Facebook or next year to China has taken some strategic measures

According to CNBC reports, local time on Monday, Mizuho Group reported that Facebook into the Chinese market may soon come, it has taken some strategic measures for this.

"In our recent visit to China, meetings with people from all walks of life show that Facebook," said James Lee, vice president of the US research department at Mizuho Group, and vice president Wei Fang. Next year will usher in the real opportunity to enter China.

Facebook's share price was up about 1%, more than the US stock market. China Internet Information Center and the Chinese Ministry of Industry has not commented on this.

Comments: Completely into the estimated takes time, most likely to be selling some of the peripheral products of Facebook.

3, Gree Electric released a clear announcement denied shares stake in FAW Xiali

Gree has recently issued a temporary suspension notice and clarified that the relevant reports are untrue. 'Verification, the company and the company's executive team has never been involved in shares with Tianjin FAW Xiali, the company and the company executives and their staff Also did not go and settled in Tianjin FAW Xiali, not on the shares and Tianjin FAW Xiali reached any agreement.

This year's semi-annual report shows that during the reporting period, FAW Xiali revenue 623 million yuan, down 37.9% year on year, attributable to the same period, the company's economic growth, The net profit of the shareholders of the listed company was -6.66 billion yuan, while the sales volume of the car in the report period was only 11,500, down 39.4% year on year.

Comments: in the car made this thing, Gree 'scandal' constantly.

4, Microsoft Surface Book 2 fastest 2018 early release: will be equipped with Intel eight generations of Core Duo

Microsoft will not release the Surface Book 2 notebook in October, according to foreign media ZDNet news, Surface Book 2 or Surface Book (2018) will be released in early 2018, is expected to be equipped with the latest eighth-generation Intel Core processor. The eighth generation of Core Duo processor compared to the previous generation performance increased by 40%, its lower power consumption, full support for 4K, natural interaction, enhance the game, etc. According to the concept of Microsoft Surface Book Ultimate Notebook, Surface Book 2 will still use dynamic hinges Stent design.

Comments: Surface Book 2 has been talking about redefining the notebook, but next few friends are not used, the exposure is not as good as millet.