Bosch and Rong Chong reached a strategic cooperation | to build green comfortable real estate industry

Recently, in Tianjin, the global energy-saving heating products and comfortable hot water solutions quality supplier Bosch Thermal Technology Division and the well-known real estate enterprises in China Rongchuang Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as' financial ') reached a strategic cooperation, signed the' 2017 - 2019 year A file gas water heater centralized procurement agreement '.

According to the agreement, Bosch will provide a new generation of new generation of household strong row of gas fast water heater Therm 6600F full range of products, the European imports of Therm4800i S new gas fast water heater as well as the project that is involved in the application of gas water heater in all regions of the country. The world will be the world's leading high-end comfortable hot water experience. We are committed to the world's leading high-end comfort and hot water experience.

As one of China's most development potential of one of the real estate business, financial innovation to 'customer demand' as the guide, perseverance for customers to focus on creating high-end boutique property. To achieve this goal, melt in the field of comfortable hot water selection Bosch gas water heater, Including on behalf of Bosch thermal technology high-tech level of a new generation of gas water heater products, designed to allow more consumers in China to enjoy a pure German quality, build high-end intelligent life.

The main products involved in this strategic cooperation include Bosch Therm series of gas water heaters and the series of gas water heaters. Bosch introduced a new generation of gas fast water heater Therm 6600 F microcomputer intelligent control, according to personal bathing circumstances set the appropriate water temperature, full temperature. , The product supports the use of low-pressure residential areas, and with multiple security protection system. Europe imported Therm 4800i S new gas fast water heater has a unique black steel titanium glass mirror design and colorful display, to provide users with intuitive touch Control experience. Convenient Bluetooth intelligent control, and strive for a better life to bring more possibilities. Shi Zhen JSQ32-AS gas fast water heater with intelligent ultra-wide frequency constant temperature control system, to precision temperature control, the maximum degree of time to meet the user bath Demand. SofTouchTM unique touch button design, so that users in the adjustment of the water heater more flexible and convenient.

As a high-end gas water heater product for Bosch's comfortable hot water solution, the Therm Series and World Series are outstanding in terms of design, intelligent technology and user-friendly user experience, and will enjoy the enjoyment of comfortable hot water.

Bosch announced on July 25, 2017, the introduction of a new generation of water heaters, a new generation of water heaters with unique design, equipped with intelligent remote control, intelligent temperature technology and multiple security protection system, its ultra-high thermal efficiency to meet the rising demand in China Bosch has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Rongchuang to provide Bosch high - end gas water heater products, aiming to create intelligent, comfortable and high - end boutique life for financial users.