Re-invented hood, the world's first | 'no motor sharing hood' | available

'Into the kitchen did not hear the hood sound, do not worry, it is quietly working around you.' A 'no motor', ultra-quiet range hood available, this new machine inventor boss electric appliances named For the 'central range hood', as an environmentally friendly equipment, this product to subvert the traditional kitchen range hood, innovation of the whole industry.

September 20, organized by the boss of the 'cooking significance - a better life kitchen tour' conference held in Shanghai, launched a variety of healthy, convenient and fun new products, one of the most popular concern is the 'central oil Smoke machine. 'This product carries the mission of repositioning enterprises, but also practice the product ideas to the user needs transformation of the upgrade, for the community and the user to create new ideas of value.

The self - revolution of the enterprise: the sharing of thinking to subvert the traditional range hood

In Beijing, the first love of this second phase of the sixth floor of the building, originally used for smoke chimney disappeared, leaving only a striking black 'rectangular' set up in this building on the public flue.

When the owner of the central electric hood landing, it was a lot of owners played an alias 'shared hood', is mainly responsible for the whole building of the smoke purification treatment task. The reason is called shared hood, because the real suction The fume function is at the top of the public flue, and each household only needs to access the air outlet to the public flue.

'This is a new product based on shared thinking, each household can enjoy the central range hood to bring the health, efficiency and change the fun, do not worry about the problem of smoke, do not worry about the flue plug, the real realization of the whole building Non-smoking kitchen, a good environment to share cooking. 'Boss He Yadong, vice president of electrical appliances, said.

In a household survey, the boss of the electrical extraction of the floor high, medium and low distribution floor samples, respectively, love the city of the second phase of the second floor of the second unit 2002, two units 1701 owners and three units of 602 owners, the central range hood The survey results show that the installation of the central range hood before they often encounter serious back to the smoke problem, the installation of the central range hood has no problem after the smoke, the kitchen smoke faster '.

In the current rapid development of kitchen power situation, many companies aiming to 'share the economy' to try to impact the existing pattern, to stimulate the needs of users seeking new growth point in the boss electrical appliances, sharing the economy is more important to share the process of innovation business Self-awareness, from the past to pursue product targets, the pursuit of model innovation to the current user needs as the starting point of change, in fact, this is a social progress. 'Central hood not only to a new role, it is Share the economic era under the green action, from the kitchen to the outdoor extension, on behalf of the kitchen electric business a self-subversion, the revolution. "Boss electrical brand director Ye Dan Peng said.

It is understood that the boss of the current focus on the layout of the green industry, with the help of new forms of economic sharing to solve the needs of users, identify the entry point to open the green ecology, the central range hood is an important step in the boss. 'A business to do green, first Depends on the production process is not environmentally friendly, followed by the production of the product, and finally whether the enterprise advocacy and dissemination of green culture. 'In He Yadong view, subversion of the traditional range hood is an important opportunity for self-positioning cognitive transformation, A New Idea of ​​Realizing Social Value and Market Value.

Four iterations are redefined, 'no motor' or future trends

Subversive central range hood, the ability to achieve a shared economy, in the final analysis is technological innovation, dare to reposition. 'Maybe in the future, we will not hear the hood in the kitchen noise, can really enjoy the quiet smoke Cooking environment. 'Ye Dan Peng vision Road.

In fact, the 'no motor' refers to the terminal (household range hood) to remove the motor, designed to optimize the smoke pipe, the smoke is not the same as the motor, So that smoking more quiet smoke. Boss electric hood mainly composed of three parts, the host, the terminal and the cloud background.

After four upgrade iterations, the central range hood will remove the motor of the terminal, the terminal compared to the traditional hood, to achieve the limit noise reduction, embedded intelligent systems, air volume adaptive and other advantages, on the one hand to optimize the motor equipment Of the noise problem, on the one hand by virtue of the central range hood host frequency conversion and five purification technology to deal with the completion of the maximum effect of indoor smoke suction row.

Central Suction Hood in the end is how the principle of work? Central hood iterations called 'CCS central purification system', responsible for a building of fume purification treatment, relying on internal and external air pressure to the public flue smoke up pumping to complete the public Flue Smoke Smooth, clean the task, the core technology is the host of the purification process, the cloud background of the intelligent sensor and the terminal where the exhaust valve electric valve to improve the efficiency of each household fume emissions.

The boss of the electrical side of the central hood that there are several areas need to improve the place, including the host of a larger volume, installation inconvenience, purification technology improvements, power distribution bias and lack of intelligent level, etc., owner of the electrical technical director He Feng said "These shortcomings are found in the actual use of the product, and after a long period of user surveys, we are determined to rethink the problem and then develop it."

In the He Feng view, the central hood four product iteration is not only a very time-consuming process, or a great risk of trying. 'Company level also believes that to subvert the original hood design thinking, research and development without motor Hood, to go through many iterations, to become innovative, practical products, the process will be very long, the risk of failure is high. 'He said the risk, more challenges. Facing the technical, cognitive, new iterations and other challenges, Peak team began to conceive, carry out the development of non-motor hood, he believes that this is an important step to seize the initiative.

After four upgrade iterations, the boss of the central hood complete three major product indicators, namely, power distribution, fume purification and intelligent.

At present, the boss has been with the Hengda, Rong Chong, Greentown, Poly, Country Garden and other 20 housing prices, the central range hood signed the project has been all over the country provinces and cities, including Shanghai, Wuhan, Kunming, Changsha, Chongqing, Guangzhou Dalian, Shenyang, Beijing, Hainan, Hangzhou, Dalian, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Jinan, Qingdao.