Dustie: Do not let the bathroom become a gathering place for the smell of bacteria

The bathroom is an indispensable place of life in the interior of the house, and is closely related to the life of the people, and it is not known that such an important place is also a high risk area of ​​filthy bacteria and bacteria.

As we all know, the bathroom is responsible for a family wash, toilet, bath and a series of duties.This is precisely the bathroom camp to create a humid and confined space, and then to the breeding of various bacterial micro-organisms to create favorable conditions. Also think we have every day Access to high incidence of bacteria in the place, long-term past, will certainly have a certain impact on the health of the family.

Then the bathroom in the end there are those common bacteria? In the face of these wantonly born bacteria we should be how? Xiao Bian today to come with you Grilled a talk about the toilet pollution of those things.

First of all, the bathroom is essential is the toilet, it is used as a tool to deal with human excreta, its full of bacteria and bacteria naturally do not have to say, but many people tend to ignore is - when flushing (if not covered On the toilet cover), the moment produced by the toilet cyclone can be mixed with bacteria and microorganisms and brought it to 6 meters of air, and then attached to the toothbrush, towels, cups and other daily necessities on the health of the family posed a certain threat. Second, the bathroom mostly use tiles and other building materials, and tiles and it is easy to break, it is easy to lead to water vapor into the mold, if people long-term exposure to mold can easily lead to eye itching, nasal congestion, cough and other allergic reactions. Towels, these damp towels mixed with the body of the dander is also very easy to breed bacteria and produce odor, which the family's daily life has caused some trouble.

What are the coping measures that should be taken in the face of these miscellaneous diseases? The common method is nothing more than a desk ventilation, a 'fragrance' or 'disinfectant' in the bathroom, and indeed these methods can Of the role of remission, but long-term past, but it will have a potential side effects.For example, as a fragrance agent, because the fragrance is to cover the way to work, so which will contain high concentrations of chemical compounds, then mixed with the bathroom Some taste, not only can not eliminate the smell of the bathroom, but the taste of the bathroom is more complex and not conducive to the exclusion of bacteria.

Then at this time to find a better disinfection sterilization and taste will not produce toxic side effects of the method is imminent.Today we may wish to look for everyone to recommend the Swedish Dustie Dustie air disinfection machine in the bathroom pollution above There are those coup.

First of all, the Swedish Dustie air disinfection machine uses dual-band UV combination of radiation structure design, abandon the traditional bare ultraviolet light irradiation in the form of cleverly to avoid the UV damage to the human body caused by defects in which 254nmUV-C UV can be effective Inhibit the bacteria, mold, fungi, allergens and other common pathogenic microorganisms to grow, and the sterilization rate can be as high as 99% or more, and the addition of 185nm vacuum UV can also be the air of oxygen into trace ozone Trace of ozone has a better dispersion, so the Swedish Dustie Dustie air disinfection machine can really do all-round no dead end effective sterilization cured taste.

It is worth mentioning that the Swedish Daxie Dustie air disinfection machine also contains 'negative ion' a key to start the device, as long as gently press the button, it will automatically from the fuselage continue to produce 'air vitamin' (negative ions). Effective sterilization and dispelling at the same time to create a healthy and comfortable living environment, can be described as double-edged sword.

When you are still hundreds of millions of bacteria in the bathroom and difficult to eliminate the smell to worry about, may wish to try this Swedish Dustie Dustie air disinfection machine, it is absolutely your bathroom disinfection sterilization taste excellent selected.