Hisense Master Master series, open a new era of health partition wash

The pace of life and the two children's policy to fully liberalize, so that different clothing at the same time washing and special clothing area care for most families just need.But the market is currently in the sale of washing machines to single tube-based, unable to meet the consumer The need to upgrade, even the binoculars in most cases also seem to be stretched.Elder clothing and baby clothing to be washed separately, underwear and coat to be washed separately, a few pieces of clothes to save a save ... The more the problem of nursing care is placed in front of you and me.

The solution to the problem is actually very simple, that is, on the basis of the double tube to continue to upgrade into a number of barrels, but to achieve this idea is the industry's problems, a machine design is not a simple sense of the tube and tube stack, But the whole machine needs from the structure, shock, water and other redesign.

Hisense from the pain point of the consumer, the traditional washing machine structure, transmission system, and shock absorption system was re-developed, ingenuity of the positive design, breaking the industry to limit the barriers to achieve the classification of clothing washing, interpretation of the essence of health care The

China, South Korea, Germany three design team carefully crafted, taste the art of the ultimate elegance

Hisense Master series of washing machine by the China, South Korea, Germany three top team effort to build, in the design found the ultimate art, from the science and technology insight into the life of aesthetics, as the world's first machine a three barrel washing machine, gains Germany 2017 'IFA product technology innovation Award design innovation gold medal ', master of the make, stunning Berlin, honor coronation, deserved!

Cross-border cutting-edge technology, from the power of automotive machinery technology inspiration

From South Korea's dynamics expert King is the project of the shock problem experts.His team to break the industry damping mode, cross-border introduction of the automotive industry shock absorber structure, in the traditional main shock absorber on the basis of the addition of sub-shock absorber , So that the upper and lower three barrels in the run when the suspension, isolated state, even the power to achieve the overall balance to the best, even if the three tube at the same time turn still stalemate, roller displacement even less than 0.1mm.

Ingenuity to design and manufacture, the command of the three motors

Hisense washing machine business unit deputy general manager Zhu Guosheng is the head of the three barrels of the project, he believes that the product is the most difficult in addition to shock absorption, it is three motor control and processing, which involves mechanics, structure, software control In this regard, Zhu Guosheng led the team to think about the industry has never tried the three-cylinder partition drive, and finally selected in a washing machine equipped with three independent operation of the DD variable frequency motor, to achieve a three-cylinder independent operation, and Master series of washing machine base area and an ordinary washing machine is no different, and three washing areas of water and water independent control, do not interfere with each other, to achieve a precise classification of washing.

Hisense series of washing machine not only in the product technology to achieve a landmark breakthrough, completely solve the troubled consumers of different clothing classification washing problems, and product-class industrial quality, regardless of the appearance of the decoration or internal structure can withstand scrutiny. Rigorous and meticulous work attitude, even a small parts of the washing machine, the designer can also develop its function to the extreme.

This is not listed on the first red products, perhaps about to open the washing machine was redefined the opportunity of the times.