Consumption upgrade | domestic water-based furniture paint market share of less than 10%

Big reshuffle era of furniture companies, is facing a wave of new consumer upgrades, the national environmental policy and other large environmental constraints, and now the furniture industry has long been everywhere smoke.

In August 2017 launched the "China Furniture Industry Coatings Application Status Survey", the data show that 63% of the furniture industry that fierce competition in the market is the biggest difficulties faced by business, and in order to meet the consumer's intention to buy, nearly 2 / 3 large and medium-sized furniture enterprises have been transferred more than 50% of the production business to the high-end furniture market.

To the high-end furniture market upgrade, it means that the furniture business in the design of the original design to upgrade, the selection of expensive high-end wood to upgrade, paint to a higher performance, high environmental protection, two-component water-based coating transformation.

This furniture industry's new business opportunities

As the Chinese furniture industry association vice president Chen Baoguang said: 'When the consumption upgrade and environmental protection policy of the double pressure, the transformation of Chinese furniture business is on the arrow, had to send, but only a simple production line relocation can not solve the problem of enterprise development. '

According to "China's furniture industry paint application status survey" shows that 2/3 large and medium-sized furniture enterprises will focus on the high-end market, in order to obtain greater market space.

In the fierce market competition, the low-end furniture market share is narrowing, furniture companies will inevitably need to transition to high-end market, which is a systematic project, including management, product image, environmental standards are more than in the low-end market Up a large grade.

This is also a new business opportunities for the furniture business, part of the leading furniture business, have switched to environmental protection materials, to create high-quality brand image, quickly seize the market opportunities.

Survey shows that more than 80% of the interview furniture manufacturers have begun to use more environmentally friendly high-quality raw and auxiliary materials.

Enterprise consumption upgrade environmental protection new regulations

In the upgrading of environmental protection materials, due to the appearance of the solid wood furniture and the structure of the particularity of the coating process requirements are higher, so the need for high performance and excellent quality of the new environmentally friendly coatings.According to the survey, 95% of the respondents are Has been the use of environmentally friendly coatings, which use the proportion of environmentally friendly coatings to 75% or more.

Among them, taking into account the environmental protection and performance of the two-component water-based paint has been a number of leading domestic furniture manufacturers and the wider application of consumer recognition in the use of environmentally friendly furniture, paint, two-component water-based paint the highest proportion of use , 42% of the enterprises to the two-component water-based paint as a high-end solid wood furniture, environmental protection coating technology of choice.

Low odor, high hardness, scratch resistance, resistance to yellowing, stain resistance, high fullness is the furniture business to choose two-component water-based paint the most important reason.Especially solid wood furniture, because of its design and selection of special, The requirements of the coating process is also higher, in particular, the need for two-component water-based paint such high-performance new environmentally friendly coatings in the actual sales, because consumers are generally willing to pay for better appearance and performance products, furniture companies will Tend to consumers to popularize high-performance environmentally friendly coatings in the quality, performance and appearance of the advantages.

In addition, the survey also shows that: in the next few years, the proportion of environmentally friendly coatings will be further increased, there are already nearly 3/4 of the respondents made it clear that will further enhance the use of environmentally friendly paint ratio, which they are more Tend to choose two-component water-based paint.

Domestic water-based furniture paint market is still less than 10%

At present, water-based paint in Europe and the United States and other developed markets has been relatively mature, while the overall domestic furniture industry, water-based furniture paint market is still less than 10%.

In an interview with Sina home interview, Kesi Chong paint, adhesives and special chemicals business unit vice president of Greater China Lu Weiguo said: 'Through the joint efforts of the entire industry chain, some of the leading domestic furniture enterprises have been actively transition, through the upgrade The use of high - performance two - component water - based coating, adjust the proportion of high - end products, thereby enhancing the brand products in the market competitiveness.

He also added that the growth rate of water-based furniture coatings in the Chinese market is expected to be higher than 20% between 2015 and 2020. To this end, as the world's leading producer of high-tech polymer materials, the inventor of polyurethane technology, Hope to help China's furniture industry to break through the boundaries of innovation and sustainable development, to help local enterprises to grasp the development of new opportunities for the industry.

At present, Ke Si Chu and partners have helped a number of domestic leading furniture brand to achieve a water project.

The water-based coating process is very different from the traditional oily coating, especially the difficulty of ensuring the coating effect.Hu Yun Wood in the Clivia and Kesi a team of technical support, in 2016 successfully completed the water transfer project. Performance of water-based polyurethane coating technology in line with the charm of the brand positioning, and better meet the consumer for environmental protection, healthy life demands.

The high-performance two-component waterborne polyurethane coating solution greatly enhances the coating performance and performance of the furniture surface to help furniture manufacturers stand out in the fierce market competition.

Children 's furniture force high - performance environmental protection water - based coating

It is noteworthy that, in the furniture business to push high-performance environmentally friendly water-based coating process, the children's furniture category is particularly evident.

With the full liberalization of the two policy, the domestic youth children's furniture market usher in a new round of opportunities for vigorous development in the choice of children's furniture, more and more parents realize that the paint greatly affected the environmental protection of children's furniture With the safety of the market-sensitive children's furniture business, has been the first high proportion of the use of water-based paint to create a healthy and safe brand image.

Such as the well-known high-end young furniture brand - bean dumplings, is the first batch of domestic water-based paint to try the furniture business since 2012, through cooperation with Coase and co-application of high-performance two-component water-based polyurethane wood paint, In the water-based coating and surface design has made innovative, in the market competition to occupy a favorable position.

This is a worst time, but also a best time. There is no bad industry, only to do bad business.

When the industry to the development and transformation of the historical turning point, in line with the needs of the consumer market, in response to the implementation of national environmental policy, for the furniture business, is the biggest breakthrough.