Full decoration large-scale incoming | painting manufacturers promising

At the end of last month, 2017 China Building Decoration Industry Forum held in Beijing, China Building Decoration Association paint and waterproof materials Branch officially changed its name to the China Building Decoration Association full decoration industry branch. More than 10 paint and art paint enterprises invited to attend the forum. Industry professionals focus on the 'full decoration' concept. What is the full decoration? What is the difference between the whole decoration and fine decoration? The era of full decoration, paint manufacturers opportunities?

First, the full decoration of the incoming, interior painting promising

China's first to promote the sound of finished house, can be traced back to 1999, the State Council issued "on the modernization of housing industry to promote the quality of housing to improve a number of opinions", proposed to actively promote one-time decoration or menu-style decoration model to avoid damage caused by the second decoration Structure, waste and nuisance, etc. In 2002, the Ministry of Construction once again put forward the 'full decoration' of the target, and envisaged in 2010 to promote the integration of residential decoration, a comprehensive abolition of rough housing.

In recent years, around the introduction of '100% fine decoration' policy, that is, in 2020 the full realization of 100% hardcover supporting the target. Now Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, Hainan, Hunan, Henan and other places Have introduced to encourage the construction of new houses full decoration of the relevant policies, full renovation of real estate accounted for more than 50%.

In Beijing, in 2003 the whole decoration is still very small and limited to small units, but in 2006, the full renovation of the high-end real estate more than 50%, by 2009 the proportion of the whole decoration is 55%.

In Zhejiang Province, "Zhejiang Province Green Building Ordinance" on May 1, 2016 began to implement, to the end of 2020, Zhejiang new multi-storey and high-rise residential will be basically fully decorated, the proportion of full decoration will be used as a land transfer hard targets, rough housing will gradually Out of the stage of history.

In Shandong, the end of 2016, the Shandong Provincial Government Office issued a "real estate industry in Shandong Province to upgrade the implementation of the program." It is proposed in 2017 to build new high-rise residential buildings will be fully renovated, 2018 new high-rise, high-rise residential out of rough housing The

In Hainan, the end of 2016, the Hainan provincial government issued a notice to require the strengthening of commercial housing project planning report management, to promote the real estate industry towards high-end direction, from July 1, 2017 onwards, the city and county commercial housing projects to implement all the decoration The

In Henan Province, the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural Construction Department and other seven departments have just jointly issued the "on the development of finished goods to speed up the development of guidance", January 1, 2018, the province's cities, counties and new construction of commercial housing, all in accordance with Finished residential design and construction, the implementation of the whole decoration.

All the decoration, the whole decoration is so wrinkled a pool of spring water. Full decoration room replacement rough housing is the need for environmental protection and energy, prices have been invisible pushed up, the real estate development enterprises are facing the opportunity to increase profitability. Paint and other decoration business, the need to expand cooperation with the development of enterprises in order to a piece of decoration in the market share.

Second, the difference between the whole decoration and fine decoration

For those who used to 'refined decoration', the face of 'full decoration', the first will think, what is the full decoration? Full decoration and fine decoration in the concept of what is the difference?

Full decoration: refers to the house before the turnkey, all the functional space of the fixed surface of all the pavement or painting is completed, the basic equipment of the kitchen and bathroom all installed. 'Full decoration room' out of the problem is the first to find the developer, Itself or the decoration process there are quality problems, developers must bear the responsibility.

Fine decoration: the top of the house to have a certain degree of modeling, but also have a certain design effect and style, material delicate and environmentally friendly; ground to use brand tiles or marble and other high-end materials; bathroom and kitchen have been high-quality fine decoration, Materials will basically use well-known brands and to ensure after-sales service, factory decoration cabinet if the problem, belong to the housing quality range, the buyers should be based on the purchase contract to find developers to solve; if the quality of the decoration works, According to the decoration contract to find the decoration company to solve.

Simply look, the whole decoration refers to the scope of decoration, and fine decoration refers to the decoration of the grade and quality. The difference between the whole and fine. All not necessarily fine, but the fine certainly all. Fine to the whole, and to sublimation.

In addition, the full decoration includes the fine decoration. Both the decoration range is the same, but the fine decoration materials will be relatively stress and high-end, with more than the brand material, and the roof has a certain shape. Of the house, the floor is the floor, the walls and the roof has a plaster edge, the kitchen is the whole cabinet, bathroom tiles, just move into furniture and sofa and other soft equipment, you can bag to stay.

Third, the whole decoration for the paint manufacturers to bring what opportunities and challenges

1, the whole decoration will accelerate the coating industry Matthew effect, causing the paint industry to re-shuffle.In recent years, China's urbanization process speed, China's urbanization rate in 2016 has reached 57.35%, but the modern urban life pressure, Consumers are willing to spend less time on the decoration in this context, the whole decoration can not only save consumers time, but also through the real estate business centralized centralized procurement, get more professional products and services, get more favorable prices . For developers, the construction of the whole decoration room can not only improve the brand reputation, but also shaping the selling point, expand sales, but also with the brand enterprises together, complement each other.From the general user point of view, the whole decoration room can save energy, Material, financial and time.

In the full decoration trend, the paint and other real estate upstream materials will be re-shuffle large sandwiches. After a large renovation of the implementation of large-scale implementation of real estate developers will be fully implemented coating centralized procurement system, directly with the outstanding paint business strategic cooperation, home improvement paint business will bring A large number of interior wall paint business will be transferred to the engineering paint business, the interior wall painting will show the trend of engineering.Paint industry channels, marketing, circulation, etc. will change.

Full decoration will accelerate the coating industry Matthew effect, only those brands of high visibility, good quality of service, the scale, the strength of the paint manufacturers to win more full decoration opportunities, have the opportunity to become bigger and stronger, and many small and medium-sized paint Manufacturers will be increasingly bleak in the retail business gradually eliminated.

2, the interior wall painting will benefit a large area of ​​full decoration. House decoration, wall and ceiling area is about 2.5-3.5 times the ground, a 100 square square house, wall area of ​​about 300 square meters. Wall decoration materials, the paint is the most common in the home sight of the place, almost all can see the paint figure, therefore, the interior wall painting is the largest part of the decoration. The higher the quality, the details of the deal The better, the whole decoration of the quality and reputation of the better.

3, the whole renovation will be standardized process, the requirements of the interior wall painting will be higher and higher.As we all know, decoration is a very time-consuming and laborious process, but for real estate developers, in order to speed up the cash flow rate, they must not want to spend A lot of time to decorate, standardization, process decoration will be their first choice in the standardization of decoration, the most difficult to achieve interior wall painting, but also the most vulnerable to consumers and pick out the wrong place.Therefore, the full decoration of the interior The requirements of the coating will be higher and higher, it is necessary to quickly and better province, but also the details of the perfect, and follow-up repair services must also be in place only the excellent interior wall coating providers in order to enhance the reputation of the whole decoration, Quality problems occur.

4, safety and environmental protection is the era of interior decoration the most basic requirements.With China's real estate industry and the healthy development of the coatings industry, safety and environmental protection has become the most basic requirements, like the phone's call function, the car's function of the same , Consumers in the choice of the whole decoration room, from the heart that the big brand of the house is certainly healthy and environmentally friendly, large brands of interior paint environmental protection features certainly did not have to say they may not be particularly stressed, but green, environmental protection is definitely They are most concerned about the factors.If environmental protection can not do, let alone big brand?

5, the art of painting is expected to help high-end residential full decoration. The whole trend of decoration, how to balance the individual needs of the monotony of the decoration style does not agree, especially villas and other high-end crowd, which is a common real estate and material suppliers In the market, they met the consumer to buy a new full renovation of the renovation of the local torn up or pry off, and then according to their own needs to re-decoration of the situation, resulting in a great waste of resources and manpower. Requiring high-end residential or residential, construction in the infrastructure began to be ordered by the buyers first to convey the intention of the decoration to the architect, and then customize the decoration program, in the construction process, the owners can also put forward amendments to the stage. The future of the whole decoration of the development trend, but to really realize, but also need to take a long road in the personalized decoration needs of the era of art painting is worth recommending to consumers a very good interior coating the way.

Fourth, to provide coating solutions are expected to seize more full decoration market

Full decoration era, the paint manufacturers must be changed from the previous salespeople to service providers, through the interior wall painting to enhance the quality of the whole decoration in order to form a symbiotic model with the real estate business.

Zhejiang Province, a survey shows that consumers have been in the purchase of refined, expressed satisfaction, the basic satisfaction and dissatisfaction were 14%, 57%, 29%. In order to make the real estate business satisfaction, so that consumer satisfaction , To ensure that the interior wall product coating products and service quality is imperative.Environmental product environmental performance is the most important indicators of consumers, no matter how intense the bidding process, can not sacrifice product quality to win the project, otherwise, once The product quality problems, will only be lifted the stone hit his feet.If the tender side blindly than the price, would rather give up part of the project can not be self-destructive future in product quality and function of similar circumstances, must be through a good coating construction And the details of the service to win the reputation, to win more project cooperation. Delivery of the timeliness, product selectivity, the professionalism of the painting and some housing renovation problems may occur in advance to prevent, are to win more project cooperation Prerequisites and foundations.

The whole decoration needs paint service providers to become the interior wall coating solutions provider, like the real estate business think, like consumers want.In the full decoration era, the real estate businessmen choose to cooperate with some of the major materials business, To the decoration company, or directly from different materials to be responsible for the decoration and construction of different materials.One wall coating suppliers must be able to provide from the material selection, color and effect with the problem prevention and follow-up quality of a cable service, Become a full decoration of the professional interior wall coating solutions provider.

In short, excellent interior wall coating will promote the healthy development of the whole decoration market, to provide with the perfect home coating solutions for paint manufacturers will be able to flexibly in the decoration market, to achieve with the real estate business, Win-win situation