Hewlett-Packard Shadow Wizard 600 gaming mouse evaluation: excellent cost-effective | take you to experience eating chicken

Hewlett-Packard as a well-known PC manufacturers, both in the field of personal computers and commercial computers have been relatively good in today's era of rising gaming, HP also early launch of their own shadow wizard high-end game of this series, Bugs and mouse peripheral product line expansion is also a matter of course.Today and we talk to talk about this Shadow Wizard family members of one of the HP Shadow Wizard 600 gaming mouse.

Packaging appearance overview: family red and black gaming color, the same strain

Shadow Wizard 600 mouse as a member of the Shadow Wizard family, the perfect inheritance of the Shadow Wizard series of design style, its color is also red and black color, the mouse also has a shadow wizard family logo translucent logo, the product together , Very much in tune.

We first look at the mouse's packaging, as a member of the Shadow Wizard family, the entire product packaging is also basically composed of red and black, with some white font to do with the color. Product positioning is very clear, for the gaming and health.

The front cover of the box is the magnet to open the flip design, open the inside page will have a complete product picture, and wrapped in plastic protective shell under the mouse body.

Open the package from the top, take out the mouse, you can see the body and packaging on the promotional picture is no different.

Hewlett-Packard Shadow Wizard 600 gaming mouse is a typical right-handed mouse, using a six-button design, the overall size of the mouse 74.5 × 41.7 × 128mm, the size belongs to the middle mouse, weight 88g, line length 2m, the overall show matte black Cover the use of fine matte texture, feel is good. The left and right sides of the mouse are attached to the rubber non-slip material, a better grip sense. Mouse wheel and logo at each have a light, very competitive peripherals' Hyun Cool 'fan.

The back of the mouse height is moderate, the highest point is located in the posterior position, the overall curvature of the larger, the front button is relatively low, with the mouse relatively light, the overall habit of grasping and pinching the player is still very friendly.

Mouse configuration: ultra-high configuration, gaming enough

Game feel test: the overall experience is very good, there is still room for improvement

Gaming gaming mouse for the mouse's USB rate of return is relatively high, so I only tested the stability of the 1000Hz under the software display, Shadow Wizard 600 gaming mouse data fluctuations are not large, is to meet the players for the game Kind of demand.

On the mouse line correction, the author chose the 1080P case more suitable for the game 1000Hz / 1600DPI stalls for testing.With the top of the configuration, the test shows, Shadow Wizard 600 game mouse basically no linear correction, this result also So that the precise operation of the game possible.

Finally, the game to the test phase, because the mouse itself is designed for FPS games (with a dedicated FPS sniper key), I chose the "CSGO (Counter Strike)", "LOL (Heroes Union)" and has been very popular "Jedi Survival: Battle Royale "were performed as FPS and MOBA games respectively.

In the "CSGO" and in the chicken game, the mouse is very smooth, left short key way makes the mouse button to trigger very sensitive, while FPS sniper key can also reduce the speed of sight in the game , If used to the future will greatly improve the accuracy of shooting, but for long-range moving target may not be appropriate.

In the "LOL (Heroes)" game, MOBA game heightening DPI is also a good choice, you can let the mouse in a very short period of time, moving a small distance will be able to move the pointer to any corner of the screen. The mouse in the game's performance quite satisfactory, but may be used to note that the mouse's left and right keys will feel different, the left will be more crisp, and the right will be relatively little meat, may need to often use the right MOBA players this is the need to consider a little, if used to the words should also be no problem.

The whole game of the test process, the mouse in the game or have a better performance. Response speed, smooth operation, the entire mouse weight control is also very appropriate, the player can also according to their own habits to change the weight control and center of gravity control. FPS players also specifically for the FPS sniper and mouse uplift settings, I believe that can still meet the habits of most people.

Summary of PConline evaluation room

As a member of the HP Shadow Wizard game series, the Shadow Wizard 600 is equipped with the top PWM3360 optical engine + Omron Blue Point 50M micro switch, which is usually 350 + gaming mouse will be configured. This mouse is currently the official price 249 yuan, now Jingdong spike price of only 199 yuan, can be said to be very sincere, and cost is simply invincible, if you have to say what shortcomings, the right mouse button needs further tuning, but also believe that manufacturers can continue in the subsequent products In general, the price of 200 yuan, such a mouse is really impeccable.