Carter new products: Cat®320 hydraulic excavator | high performance and low fuel consumption more comfortable

The Cat® 320 excavator has excellent performance and uses a variety of easy-to-use technologies such as CatGRADE with 2D, GradeAssist and Payload systems - these are factory-standard devices that increase your operator's efficiency Up to 45%. In addition to these features, it also offers a new cab that reduces maintenance costs by up to 15% longer maintenance intervals and power systems that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%, so you will have a Taiwan is very suitable for your medium to heavy duty applications, the unit production costs relatively low excavator.

Achieve higher performance with lower fuel consumption

• Fuel consumption is reduced by up to 20% compared to Cat320D2 excavators.

• Standard CatConnect technology increases operating efficiency by up to 45% and reduces operator fatigue and your operating costs, including fuel consumption and routine maintenance.

• The C7.1ACERT ™ engine can use biodiesel up to B20 and meet the emission standards equivalent to the US EPATier3 / EU StageIIIA / China Non-Road Country III / Brazil Mar-1.

• Advanced hydraulic systems not only achieve the best balance between power and efficiency, but also provide you with the control you need to meet your precise mining requirements.

• Use the power mode to match the excavator to the job; and automatically match the engine and hydraulic power to your excavation conditions through intelligent mode.

• Auxiliary hydraulic options provide you with the versatility you need to use many different Cat tools.

• Do not let the temperature prevent you from working. The excavator can work in high temperature environments up to 52 ° C and has a cold start capability of up to -18 ° C. An optional -32 ° C cold start kit is also available.

Improve efficiency and productivity with integrated CatConnect technology

• With a standard CatGRADE with 2D and GradeAssist systems - including display and laser capabilities alone, productivity is as high as 45% higher than traditional slope dressing machines.

- Excludes guidance on depth, slope and horizontal slope distance.

The -2D system can be upgraded to CatGRADE with advanced 2D systems or CatGRADE with 3D system.

Comfortable work in the new cab

• Comfortable and luxurious cabs available - all equipped with automatic temperature control.

• Wide-sized seats can be flexibly adjusted for all body operators; sitting in luxurious heated seats, it is warmer.

• The distance between the consoles is very spacious, providing a more comfortable working environment.

• Easier access to the cab through a removable left console (luxury cab only).

• The advanced viscous base reduces the vibration of the cab by as much as 50% compared to the previous excavator model.

• The tentative control device is located in front of the operator for easy control of the excavator.

• The rear of the seat, the overhead and the console provide ample cab space for easy storage of your equipment, as well as a cup holder, a document holder, a vial rack and a coat hook.

• You can connect personal devices and make handsfree phones using standard radio USB ports and Bluetooth® technology.

• Start the engine with the button; use the Bluetooth key card, the smartphone application, or the operator ID password.

• Use the operator ID to program each joystick button, including the response and mode; the machine will remember these programs and call them each time you operate the machine.

• Quickly navigate on a high-resolution 203mm standard touch screen monitor or an optional 254mm touch screen monitor, or with the help of a knob control unit.

• The second 254mm monitor can be used for advanced slope control.

• Do not know how a function works or how to maintain an excavator? You can access the operator's manual by simply moving your finger on the touch screen monitor.


• Maintenance costs are expected to be reduced by up to 15% compared to 320D2 (savings based on 12,000 hours of machine work.)

• Perform all routine maintenance work on the ground.

• Check the engine oil level quickly and safely with a new engine dipstick near the ground; raise and inspect the engine oil at the top of the machine with an easy access to the second dipstick.

• Track the filter life and maintenance intervals of the excavator through a monitor in the cab.

• After 500 hours of synchronization, replace all fuel filters.

• New air intake filter with prefilter is expected to work for 1000 hours - 100% increase in service life over previous filters.

• New hydraulic oil filter for better filtration performance, anti-discharge valve to keep the oil clean when replacing the filter, and replace the interval of up to 3000 hours, longer service life - than the previous filter design Extended by 50%.

• New and efficient electric cooling fans operate only when needed and can be reversed to eliminate debris from the core.

• S · O · SSM ports close to the ground, simplifying maintenance, and allowing quick and easy extraction of oil samples for analysis.


• The standard 2DE-fence function is integrated at the factory to prevent any part of the excavator from moving to the outside of the assigned point designated by the operator to avoid dangerous and job site accidents. Therefore, the machine can be operated under the building structure or frequently Of the safe work near the passage.

• Stand on the ground to access all day-to-day maintenance points - do not need to climb to the top of the excavator.

• Standard ROPS cab complies with ISO 12117-2: 2008 requirements.

• Due to the use of smaller cab posts, large windows and flat hood designs, the operator can gain excellent visibility, both inside the trench and in the back of each operator.

• When the standard hydraulic lock lever is in the lowered position, all hydraulic and travel functions are blocked.

• Once the ground stop switch is activated, the fuel will be completely stopped and the machine will be shut down.

• The rear view camera is a standard accessory. Upgrading to a 360 ° field of view, you can easily view objects and people around the excavator in a single view.

• The right side of the maintenance platform is designed to allow easy, safe and fast access to the upper service platform. The maintenance platform ladder uses a non-slip perforated plate to prevent slippage.

• Handrails meet ISO 2867: 2011 requirements.

• The lower frame complies with ISO15818: 2017 lifting and tethering requirements.

Technical Specifications: