Secret: repair shop why the loss of the price and 4S shop gap?

A subject in the above mentioned a question about the '4S shop damage price and auto repair shop gap' problem, and this question questioned the insurance company such pricing is reasonable?

This problem has caused the concern of an all the answer, the ATS that 4S shop damage and the price difference between the main reason is that the market competition, and that the repair shop and 4S shop is not the same level of competition, The factory should not be holding 'I am weak I have reason' mentality, put themselves in a vulnerable group. Here we look at Q & A Record!

Title: Now a lot of insurance companies, in the accident claims damage this piece to the price of the repair shop and the price difference to the 4S shop to 50%, some insurance damage is not rebate to him, in the fixed time and 4S price Or even a difference of more than 50%, the same accessories purchase price, the same maintenance process. Price difference is so great, garage want to survive on the need to use low-grade accessories cheap accessories, resulting in some repair car-based small and medium-sized auto repair factory Quality, but affect the quality of maintenance, to the beginning of the loss of customers, and finally closed down.

Such as insurance companies such pricing, reasonable and legitimate? These small car repair shop to survive the small people difficult, like this situation the government was the tube? We should find who reflects the situation!

Answer: the subject of the concept of communication is wrong, not 4S shops and insurance companies squeeze the ordinary garage operating environment, is entirely caused by market competition.

The owner of the complaint like a small hotel owner complained about the company to travel staff reimbursement costs in accordance with the same level of reimbursement at the hotel level. Five-star hotel reimbursed one night cost of one thousand or two, and small hotels can only reimburse one or two hundred, small hotel Can not meet the five-star standard, although they are to provide a place to live, but the service is fundamentally different, and then to complain, not a fair competition, how much you put into the market so the difference is completely normal. Are 30. Only heard the price is unfair competition, the first time I heard that high prices also called unfair competition.

Say ordinary garage

The first is to make money, just earn less.

Second, the general level of technicians, the level of service and 4s shop does have a gap, because the general repair shop to provide low pay.

Third, the general garage is not easy to get the original pieces, because the manufacturers to control the original parts of the purchase channels, the general garage factory would like to go to the original factory can not get the original direct supply, and even if you can get But also in the 4s store purchase, but also the price advantage. Auto repair shop in order to make more money to the customer transfer pieces actually said to be forced, I can go to steal hungry? I was forced to Well, the law will forgive me Why consumers rarely choose garage? Because he knows you do not have the original pieces, and insurance companies as long as you provide the original parts of the purchase orders, give you according to the original pieces of price compensation, will not be worse So what do you complain about?

Fourth, and most importantly, that is, the choice of consumers, only the general price advantage of the auto repair shop to attract consumers, but in the insurance company to the case of full compensation, why consumers choose to repair qualification as 4s shop The company provides you to three-star hotel and five-star hotel I give you reimbursement, you will choose a three-star hotel for the company to save money and the situation of the consumer province Is not his own company, is the insurance company. Consumers have such a good consciousness Mody? If the main car is the car repair, the first consideration of the consumer's mind. Blame the blame in the insurance company, sometimes biased. Moreover, as insurance companies for many years experience in business people, customers can choose their own insurance repair shop, the first surveyor to comply with the customer's choice. Customer month to 4s shop maintenance, why choose unknown garage?

Finally, in order to avoid misleading, explain why the insurance company and 4s shop consultation price, because the 4s shop for insurance companies to provide premium ah, auto repair shop selling it? Do not sell it? 4s the most important business is a car ah, After the sale of the car will be on the insurance, the insurance company will be profitable, so 4s shop and insurance companies can long-term cooperation, you can get the consultation price repair car, so you will get the insurance company surveyor recommended repair shop. Do so, so the insurance company can sign the negotiated price, the price can be high, anyway, without prejudice to the interests of customers, money is the insurance company.

The premise of fair competition is that you can provide the same service, can you? 4s shop selling car repair car through train, there are high quality, advertising every day. A garage factory requires fair competition?

Finally, think of a word: I am weak I have reason!

Are small people, the industry lonely, you can change an industry, and then a lot of repair shop live are very moist, or will not repair shop more and more. Some small repair shop their own poor management to blame the blame The external environment, do not do it, actually because of their weak to find the government to come forward, but also drunk!

The above view only comment on those poor management of the ordinary garage, of course, there are many high-end domestic air grade repair shop, are worth learning!