What are the parts that affect the fuel consumption of the car?

Many people think that the car fuel consumption is too high because the car aging or because of their usual driving technical problems, ruthless step on the throttle, and even some people doubt is not the reasons for their own skidding glide, simply did not consider other parts of the car. There are a lot of parts on the car to steal your oil, but you did not find it, then take you to see in the end is what parts of the car is the culprit of fuel consumption it

1, clean up carbon deposition

Coke on the impact of the vehicle is very large, it can reduce the engine power, increase fuel consumption, serious will cause the engine knock, to speed up the abnormal, damage to the piston and crankshaft, and even eventually lead to engine oil needs to overhaul The carbon crisis is not only harmful to the car, the harm to the environment is also great, it can directly affect the vehicle exhaust emissions, resulting in the annual inspection can not be passed.Therefore, for carbon deposition, we need to pay attention to it, Can not be turned a blind eye.

The formation of carbon deposition is not a day or two, it takes a long process, like the home of the kettle is similar to the water alkali is not much time can be used to cook vine cook, but if long-term treatment, when the water alkali has To achieve a very thick time, they can only use hard things to pull the car is the same, often with a cleaning agent to reduce the deposition of carbon deposition, if the feeling is not necessary to do, or feel like saving money, the final will be Resulting in excessive formation of excessive carbon deposition, it is difficult to clear.

2, tires

(1) the impact of tire width on fuel consumption

General vehicles in the factory when it is supporting the tire is based on the car's own weight and displacement and other factors reasonable matching, then the tire if wide, and the ground contact is wide, the friction will be greater , The fuel consumption is naturally large; if the tire is narrow, fuel consumption will be low, which can be said to be 'innate' factors determined. And some like 'play' car master is willing to upgrade the tires modified, or out of the brake And control considerations, the tires widened, modified and widened tires do have a lot of advantages, but the fuel consumption will increase accordingly, which should be understood and mentally prepared.

(2) tire pattern on the impact of fuel consumption

Tire pattern can be described as between the inch, Fengyun million. Pattern design from a multi-angle to consider, of which the fuel is the most important one. Pattern can be divided into three categories: off-road, sporty, As well as comfortable, tranquil. Tire-like tires larger pattern, suitable for sand and other bad road conditions, its maximum fuel consumption. Sports performance of the tire, generally stressed grip, tread wide, easy to control , Fuel consumption is moderate. Comfortable, quiet tires because of its delicate patterns, smooth, so the lowest fuel consumption.

(3) angle, angle and so on the impact of fuel consumption

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(4) the impact of tire pressure on fuel consumption

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To always develop a habit of watching the tire before the car, when the tire is necessary to check the abnormal, you can ride a dynamometer to check the car's tire pressure, high-end vehicles are equipped with tire pressure monitoring.

3, intake system

The retrofitting of the high-volume air filter reduces the resistance of the engine intake and improves the intake and volume efficiency of the unit at the time of the engine operation, while the high-efficiency air filter By the air supply system in the air flow measurement measured the increase in intake air, the signal sent to the fuel supply computer (ECU), ECU will control the nozzle to spray more gasoline with, so that more oil and gas (Not too thick) into the cylinder, to achieve the purpose of increasing horsepower output.

If you change the filter can not meet your needs, the entire air filter can be converted into a common mushroom head filter filter exposed to further reduce the intake obstruction, and enhance the engine's lung capacity. The exhaust gas back pressure, low torsion will drop, the engine exhaust valve will be easy because of the high temperature burned.With the mushroom head to reduce the inertia of inertia, low torsion will drop, fuel consumption increased, low speed weakness.

Car intake system how to maintain it: remove the car air filter; pay attention to its shape, the square should pay attention to the direction of installation, round do not need; clean the air filter; if the blower cleaning, Pay attention to the direction, from the inside out; if you use the vacuum cleaner, then only from the outside; will clean the air filter installed back.

4, the amount of oil is not appropriate

Too much oil, oil to participate in combustion, so that the combustion mixture is not complete, spark plugs, muffler and other parts of the coke, fuel consumption increases, slow growth, power down; less oil, will cause friction between the pieces, so Engine overheating, power down, fuel consumption increased.

5, spark plugs

Good spark plug plus adjust the appropriate spark plug gap, the current is strong, full of combustion. The other is before the carburetor, now is the EFI, that is the nozzle. There is the car's own weight, usually driving, pay attention to no Use things as far as possible not to put in the car, in order to reduce their weight, if not far away, it is recommended not to fill the tank. Usually one-third of the oil is enough.

And then there are gearbox and four-wheel bearings, water tank fan bearings, generator bearings, compressor bearings. Brakes to adjust the water tank temperature. Engine power transmission system lubrication. Tires and the ground and the actual road conditions are matched. These are usually checked, there is driving, to avoid the brakes, try to keep the economy speed.

A simple evaluation of the engine's work is whether the combustion in the cylinder is good and the combustion of the mixture is sufficient, which is of great relevance to the concentration of the mixture, the ignition timing, the compression ratio, and the breakdown voltage of the spark plug. Bad, the main performance is the engine prone to fire, burning bad.