352 X50 intelligent air purifier Jingdong home line starting | 35 minutes sold out

September 16, 352 X50 intelligent air purifier in the Jingdong home limited starting, 35 within 20 spot sold out.According to the site staff revealed that part of the masses to come to buy around the residents, because near the fall and winter, everyone on Purifier purchase intention is generally strong, and there is a part of the online booking is not successful 352 old users also indicate that the 352 air purifier gradually from the line to the line, multi-channel close to the user, so that we can More convenient to understand and buy.

352 X50 air purifier

This X50 is 352 after X80 and X83 specifically for the small space to create a Haze weapon, the overall design and the previous series is very different, 352 official of this purifier is defined as: small size, large air volume, low Noise. These features make the X50 more suitable for the bedroom, study and other needs of a small space to use quiet, clean efficiency will be surprisingly fast, but its applicable area is not limited to the bedroom and study, 60 square meters below the room are applicable.

According to 352 Jingdong self-store show, X50 intelligent air purifier is emergency replenishment, is expected to be available by the end of September.

There are many kinds of air purifiers on the market, such as electrostatic adsorption, negative ions, UV, and 352 products have been purely physical filtration, X50 is the same. Pure physical advantage is fast purification, the effect is obvious Will produce ozone and other secondary pollution, but also now on the market mainstream air purification technology.

In March 2016, the new national standard of air purifier approved by the National Standards Committee (hereinafter referred to as 'new national standard') clarified that an air purifier would need to meet the 'three high and one low' standards - high CADR value, high CCM value , The high energy efficiency, low noise value, is called a good product. 'New national standard' the formal implementation of a substantial increase in the air purifier industry threshold to speed up the market reshuffle, part of the technological innovation capacity of enterprises is eliminated , But also for a group of enterprises with continuous research and development capabilities and consumer reputation to bring more market space.

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