Smart sweep robots easy to use? Flagship explosion to your intimate experience

Intelligent sweeping robots is the last two years of hot small household electrical appliances, for people to effectively solve the problem of ground cleaning.Today the market swept the robot brand, the technical level varies greatly from Taiwan's Proscenic (Pusanik) with a good price Quality has become a popular brand, consumers of its brand and its product recognition is getting higher and higher.

In a number of sweeping robots still stay in the previous technology, Pusanik is constantly exploring innovation, in addition to its many sweeping robots 'evolution' into the planning, but also introduced innovative double detection of sweeping robots such as Proscenic 790T. Detection of specific use is the use of bionic ultrasound radar and infrared dual detection, real-time positioning of the home position, to achieve a sensitive obstacle.General sweeping robots in order to achieve the detection of obstacle avoidance, mostly using infrared distance measurement, which has a small size, low cost And Pusanik innovative to join the bionic ultrasonic radar device, simulated dolphins and bats using ultrasonic detection of objects, identify the direction, no doubt in the sensitivity has been greatly improved.

790T Another advantage is iPNAS four-stage planning program, positioning, composition, planning, cleaning four-in-one, interlocking, including wireless carrier indoor positioning system built-in wireless probe, can easily break the scope of restrictions, and then to the whole house The purpose of positioning, anti-interference ability, with high accuracy, indoor positioning error can be controlled within 25px.

We all know that the size of the sweep of the robot determines the size of the garbage it can clean the size and volume, Proscenic 790T using advanced digital inverter motor, suction large noise small power consumption, 2150pa high suction, strong winds bring strong wind Pressure can quickly and effectively suck away the dust attached to the ground or carpet, cleaning effect immediately.