Empty seven star standard introduced | Suning to promote the new national standard segmentation

A few days ago, the sudden haze days, low visibility let people from the heat like fire, sunny summer to recover the gods, brought back people worried about the autumn and winter haze.According to the authority of the survey, this autumn and winter fog Haze weather will come ahead, heavy pollution of the weather process is relatively early, the scope of influence is also broader.Therefore, consumers demand for air purifier will grow further.

Since the rapid warming of the civil market in 2010, the development of the air purifier industry can be described as leaps and bounds.The domestic atmospheric environmental quality is not optimistic, the quality of life under the demographic dividend and other factors continue to upgrade, making the air purifier market demand surge, causing the industry blowout But the current development trend of the net product market is not optimistic. 'Unqualified, fake, counterfeit, cottage, the current empty net product market quite mixed, different quality, due to the lack of uniform mandatory testing standards, many businesses to play And for consumers who do not have professional knowledge, the choice of empty net products has become quite a headache thing 'Philips brand official said.

In view of these phenomena, in 2015, the state released the standard of empty net product, but also the first revision since 2008. The new national standard re-adjust the relevant indicators, and the CARD, CCM, energy efficiency rating, noise as empty net products of the four core indicators From the standard air purifier named to urge the rational development of the air industry has played a huge role in which many well - known empty net brand began to embrace the new national standard, stabilize product quality, put an end to false propaganda, to consumers for the real product Cognition.

In August this year, Suning joint Wei Kai, Zhong Yikang and many other authoritative institutions, together with Philips and other enterprises to respond to national calls, jointly released empty star standard.Suning empty net star standard introduction, so that the new national standard more refined, So that consumers are more likely to clear the standard choice of empty net products can be said that the introduction of Suningkeng net star standard, and promote the acceleration of the process of standardization of empty products.

The Philips Super Brand Day, also launched a number of clean seven-star standard certification, in line with the requirements of the new national standard products in the industry in a leading position.

With the fog haze weather gradually deteriorated, air purifier as just need, not only sought after by consumers, but also a new opportunity for the development of business brands, but in fact, between demand and supply of 'dislocation phenomenon', continue to impact The entire air market, to the empty net industry has brought adverse effects in such circumstances, Suning and Philips this cooperation, will play an important role in the net market.

In addition to product innovation, Suning also raised the consumer experience in the consumer experience, and strengthen the consumption process - launched an empty net filter for new services.According to a survey, now, the air purifier market Has entered the popular period, the product filter replacement into another new incremental market. Philips joint Suning launched the empty net filter for core services, and further regulate the empty net product pre-sale, sale, after-sales service for the industry Development set a new benchmark.