Content business, vertical area is the new outlet

In the last year or so, you must see these changes:

A lot of funny, emotional-oriented media from the large, has accumulated millions of fans, but the opening rate and income are not as good as a year ago, in addition to fragmented advertising, basically no other suitable Way of realization.

Pan-entertainment field of short video bloggers, began to show a significant effect of the '28 effect.' 20% of the head of the quality program or IP focused on 80% of the traffic, relying on advertising to achieve. And more homogenization of the short Video programs, can only rely on the platform into the income of life, it seems that in the Red Sea competition, do not see the dawn.

At the same time, some of the contents of the vertical field bloggers, although the amount of fans, reading volume are not as pan-entertainment, but again and again produce amazing performance, so we had to look closely:

A design class public number began selling courses, a only 40,000 reading volume of pure graphic, even sold more than 7,000 orders, up to 15% conversion rate;

More and more vertical communities appear in our circle of friends, fitness community, entrepreneurial community, marketing community, and a lot of content paid items, through the community produced a staggering sales.

There are many vertical areas of short video programs, attracting the corresponding areas of the brand, advertising and commodity cooperation.

Deep into the red wine content @ drunk goose mother, has updated nearly a hundred red wine culture video. By penguin nearly 6,000 members of the continued consumption of water, more than 25 million annual water;

3 minutes a maternal and child science short video program "understand the mother", single quarter 10 title fee 3 million, for two consecutive years continue to be sought after by the brand master, continuous access to nearly ten season title.

Vertical content, more and more become a recognized outlet. Recent content industry financing case, more and more concentrated here. Its commercial value, gradually by more people recognized.

(A) what is the essence of the content of the pan-entertainment content and the vertical field?

First of all, we look at the characteristics of pan-entertainment content:

Pan entertainment content, including entertainment, star, gossip, social, emotional, information and other content.

The content of this user, covering a variety of attributes, there is no obvious uniform label.

And the purpose of the user to see the content is very simple, that is, leisure time, increase knowledge, understand the world.

And vertical areas of content, each area of ​​the user has at least one common label, the field and the field is very different, the user to see the purpose of the content, no longer to pass the time, but something.

Based on these needs, I summarize the vertical domain content into three core types:

1. This field is my professional skill

Such as: development, design, language, production, engineering, finance, athletics, entrepreneurship

The content of this area, the user access to knowledge is for life development and work skills to learn to add.

2. This field is my stage identity

For example: Kaoyan, maternal and child, marriage, decoration, stock, disease

The content of this area is because the user is now in this state, or stage, prompting him to suddenly pay attention or pay special attention to the corresponding content

3. This field is my interest in love

For example: beauty, military, car, games, anime, movies, fitness, constellation

The content of this area is because the user's interest is here and is willing to take the time to study the content of this area.

The biggest difference between pan-entertainment and vertical-area content is whether the user has a uniform tag attribute.

At the same time, pan-entertainment content needs to address the user's pastime needs.

The vertical field content is the most important solution is: professional knowledge needs, interest needs, consumer upgrades demand.

(B) the development of mobile Internet, so that content channels have undergone enormous changes.

Ten years, the content channel has undergone enormous changes.

Back in 2007, this time no iPhone, no smart APP, no microblogging WeChat.

A user wants to get an interesting vertical field content, need to search from the pc-depth depth, if you need the depth of the vertical field content, but also to overcome the geographical location of the obstacles, through books or professional magazines to obtain.

'10 years ago the contents of the consumption path to indicate'

(Interested in a content, in the pc-side depth of the search, to find more scattered information

Or interested in a content, go to a geographical area related to this content area, find some professional magazines or professional books)

And ten years later, smart phones let everyone with high computing power network terminal at any time; social media so that everyone is holding a microphone in the hands, formed from the media; large data so you want the content , Take the initiative to find you; community development, so that each of the small interest, online companions also gathered.

(From any of the app flow of information on a content of interest, through the microblogging, public signs, headlines and other platforms, concerned about the relevant areas of the bloggers, from the bloggers under the guidance of content, to download the professional app, into the vertical Community. The business website is smart enough to reverse the relevant content and merchandise according to your preferences.

Ten years, people to touch the content of the vertical area of ​​convenience, has been greatly improved.

While the vertical field content, can be developed in the fundamental reason today,

Is now in the mobile Internet environment, a user to continue to view the contents of the vertical field, and he wants to continue to view the pan-entertainment content is equally easy.

In fact, from beginning to end, people's demand for the content is largely unchanged.

Ten years ago, users will have entertainment, gossip content needs, but also have professional skills, maternal and child maternal content needs.

Only ten years ago, through the mainstream content channels, the content of pan-entertainment is easier to obtain, and the personalized vertical field content, but must overcome the physical area, or the depth of the difficulty of the search, the convenience of the content is significantly weaker Pan entertainment content.

Ten years of change, making spoon-fed content distribution, into the active content selection.Users in the content acquisition, with a rich form, with a high degree of choice, you can decide their own content selection.

Under the premise of this convenience, the vertical content of the past, which has been dispersed and repressed, is capable of long-tailed release, which constitutes the driving force behind the development of the vertical field.

At the same time, thanks to the development of mobile Internet, the production tools of the content, the way of realization, the flow platform, have developed relatively mature. High-quality vertical field content, can concentrate on content, with ready-made platform to develop and realize business interests The

(C) too late to explain, and on the train.

The earliest group of vertical field content entrepreneurs, gathered in the easy areas, such as food, games; and easy to make money in the field, such as beauty, maternal and child, management, etc.

But the development of the vertical industry is very uneven, and because the depth of the vertical field of content reasons, not necessarily a dominance, followers are still a great way to cast their space

So what is the business logic of the vertical domain content and how can it make money?

In general, divided into the client side and enterprise-side realization of the two directions, the main way is as follows:

The way the client realizes

1. Make a good match - say it is good, this money reward you!

When you provide free value in the vertical domain, it can provide users with value, but users feel 'useful' or 'have a sense of identity', and have a convenient channel to play (WeChat public, broadcast platform, etc.), you can It is easier to obtain the user's reward income.

2. Electric business sales cash - you are this piece of experts, to buy things to follow you!

Vertical field content of the electricity sales, and the pure flow of electricity is not the same as the vertical and horizontal content of the continuous output, enabling IP to become a trusted user 'domain experts', thus affecting the user's consumer decision-making.

In the trend of consumer upgrades, users want to buy things that have not been seen, or better than ever before, will tend to rely on the 'domain experts' to buy.

Drinking goose mother selling red wine, beauty sales owners selling cosmetics, have a high conversion rate and customer loyalty.With the vertical field content accumulated trust endorsement, is the basis of all this.

3. paid content cash - I would like to learn this part of the knowledge, please give pointers about it

When you receive daily content, you will judge the value of your content.If your daily content has been able to make users feel the harvest, then when you further introduce systematic or concocted content, it is easier to convert users Pay.

From the Luo thinking to get, Lao Luo relying on continuous knowledge and ideas to share, screened out millions of entrepreneurship, management needs of the user learning from the support of the old Luo speak to the support of the old Luo screen out of the other Essence content.

Lovers thinking of the early public signs of the map + now get the interface map

The realization of the enterprise side

Platform subsidies to cash - 'you flow big ah, to collar it!'

At present, each content platform, there are ads based on traffic distribution is divided as long as the traffic is large enough, you can have an objective income.

From the second half of 2016, toy video gradually developed in various video platforms, and become a 'muffled big money' unique category.As the video audience is 3-9 year old children, they will use Plenty of leisure time, repeated watch the video. The formation of a stunning traffic. Head of the toy video IP, the annual platform traffic advertising can reach tens of millions.

Advertising show - 'users are focused on you this, I vote for you advertising it!'

Vertical domain content has a natural user screening advantages, can help the brand touch the same tag users, high premium way to collect advertising fees. And vertical areas of content, in advertising advertising, with natural areas of advantage, can be more natural.

In addition to being able to drive direct sales transformation, there are special advantages for users to carry out grass and new exposure, and brand cosmetics have also realized the commercial value of this part. Makeup content organization and kol cooperation.

Integrated marketing cash - 'a variety of ways to market marketing, how to play to you!'

When a vertical domain content brand, based on the content, the development of more derivative value.With the user multi-platform diversification interaction. Will gradually have the ability to deep service brand customers, to achieve the unity of the product Marketing.

"Understand the mother" by 2015 a short video program, and then has its own derivative programs and personalized image of the IP content matrix. Gradually developed into the mother and child field MCN, through the content matrix, and social media from the media matrix, With a number of maternal and child head brand diversified integrated marketing cooperation.

Insight into the information - 'you understand this part of the user, this report sold to me!'

Through the analysis of the user, get the guidance of the information, sales of information to the relevant areas of the enterprise.

This kind of realization is not only limited to the cooperation of the brand research questionnaire, but also for the brand to obtain the user's behavioral characteristics, verify the new product feedback, its essence is the same value with the tagged user data.

For the content of the entrepreneur, because the realization of the way, not limited to the 'client', so even if the user's own spending power is weak, entrepreneurs can also realize through the enterprise side of the way to produce higher business value. Field, the user is based on the secondary school students to the student group, more young, their limited spending power, but for entertainment marketing and FMCG, with a high potential for the cultivation of value, so in recent years by the capital and The blitz of the entrepreneur.

Concave the king of the second element of the game marketing example

The development of mobile Internet, content for all aspects of business are to repair the infrastructure.It can be said that the content is now the vertical field of the best time to start.

For the content of the entrepreneur, should not chase any outlet, the first thing to consider should be 'what areas of content is the most suitable for their own cut into', followed by another consideration, which areas of content, the future realization of higher value.

The content is just a stepping stone, to become a stable and sustainable business, but also must be through a good follow-up operations for users to solve the demand, combined with integrated way to achieve commercial sustainable development.

In the content of the big wave of business, to produce a good vertical field content, while continuing to operate the ability of enterprises and teams, will also continue to explore the process, the harvest of this era to give the opportunity.