Haier net sector air-conditioning along the starting: the whole house purification only 1 quarter of an hour

On September 1, Haier launched the first social interaction experience festival and traveled around the 920 Rhapsody Festival. As the official community interaction platform of Haier, the experience of new products and new technologies was used up. On September 19, Haier The first launch of the net sector from the clean air-conditioning new products, the introduction of the industry's first to achieve temperature, humidity and cleanliness in one of the clean air solution in the starting scene, 'a beam of light' scene demonstration show Haier net sector self-cleaning air conditioning clean air Strength: PM2.5 measured index close to 1000μg / m³ less than 2 square meters of closed, dark glass room, air conditioning open purification, the original projection in the room beam 3 minutes quickly disappear, PM2.5 index down To 20μg / m³ below, the air quality to achieve excellent.

The whole network users witnessed 'a beam of light' disappeared

Following the middle of August, Haier air conditioning 'a beam of light' experiments caused concern after the users, Haier is still on the scene 'swallowed beam' interactive presentation. Haier net sector self-cleaning air-conditioning placed in a sealed glass room, the glass room above real time Show the temperature, humidity and cleanliness of the room.When the Haier staff started the smoke generator to simulate the extreme haze environment, the glass room soon filled with a lot of smoke, PM2.5 measured index close to 1000μg / m³. The PM2.5 index dropped to below 20μg / m³, so that the room clean air, the beam disappeared, the airtight to open the purification function, Indoor air quality is excellent.

Haier air conditioning staff explained that the beam is light to smoke particles generated scattering, particulate matter to form a visible light path, is a kind of 'Ding Dahl effect' physical phenomenon. Haier net sector since the clean air conditioning to open the purification, the air At the same time, in order to improve the user clean air awareness, in the national store show air conditioning blowing white towel, wash out the '1 cup of water', the scene after the scene, the light is not clear. But also throughout the country '1 cup of water' made 'popsicles', held 'air show' so that users see dirty air.

At the scene, three strangers to the shopkeepers to Haier engineers asked, on behalf of science and technology enthusiasts, young mothers, white-collar and other three categories of community users to make air demands.Hair air conditioning also opened a live platform for network interaction, online communication and line Under the activities of seamless docking, so that Haier good air can see, increase the user community coverage and deep plowing.

The user needs to drive clean air upgrades

Haier and traveled 600,000 micro-shop owners and the whole network of users to interact with the zero-distance discovery, with the fog and other air pollution problems become increasingly serious, air purification as the biggest pain point for users, but for the user, he needs is not a Air conditioning or purifier, but can meet the temperature and humidity regulation and air clean solution .In the user needs driven, Haier R & D industry's first net sector self-cleaning air-conditioning, clean air solutions to quickly meet the needs of users.

According to Haier air conditioning research and development engineers, Haier net sector self-cleaning air conditioning clean capacity is reflected in the dust, descaling, antibacterial and intelligent four aspects.In addition to patented intelligent self-cleaning technology to remove the evaporator surface dirt, its original self- Purification system and capsule purification system, can effectively filter the air PM2.5 and other particulate matter, combined with the electret technology, automatically capture the dust and increase the adsorption force, power can also maintain the charge, a quarter of an hour to clean the whole house air . At the same time, the net sector self-cleaning air conditioning also use soft and wet frequency technology to control the whole house air in the humidity of 40% -55%, the temperature of 24 ° C-27 ° C the best antibacterial temperature and humidity environment, but also the most comfortable environment In addition, relying on 80 billion + large data, Haier 'net sector' air conditioning can be achieved through the air APP air detection, purification and filter replacement reminder and automatic purification of the entire intelligent management, to the user to bring intelligent and convenient full house good air.

Insiders pointed out that the rapid development of intelligent pace not only brought the user needs to upgrade, but also closer to the brand and user interaction distance, to bring more opportunities for the development of the industry. Haier air conditioning from the live 'bath', blowing white towel , 'A glass of water' demo and then 'a beam of light' demo interactive iteration, accurate capture of clean air needs of users, from clean air to clean the home air clean.