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Refrigerator is a household necessities, and now the development of high-tech so that the refrigerator becomes more and more intelligent, more and more convenient people's lives.

Recently, Japan in the popular a mini-refrigerator, small size of the space occupied by very little, easy to move the user.This mini-refrigerator due to the size of the restrictions, the use of electronic cooling. Electronic cooling can be the temperature inside the refrigerator than the ambient temperature Down to 15 degrees C. Mini refrigerator has two sizes, a larger height of 50 cm, you can place three cans; a smaller height of 40 cm, you can place a layer of cans and a layer of beer bottle. Mini-refrigerator is very light weight, only 3.9 kg. To facilitate the user to move, specifically designed a hidden handle, do not use the time can be directly put up the handle. This refrigerator is black and white, random With an external power supply, the power consumption of 27 watts per hour in Japan is currently priced at 12,000 yen, equivalent to about RMB 742 yuan.

South Korea recently released a voice control can be intelligent refrigerator, the user can control the way through the direct control of the refrigerator settings, you can also buy a single refrigerator in the refrigerator. This smart refrigerator is equipped with a 29-inch large touch Display, and the use of a special 'door in the door' design, this design can be translucent way so that we do not need to open the refrigerator door to see the contents of the inside of the same time the user can also through this piece Screen to check the video, play music, view the weather and online shopping, or even directly on this screen as 'electronic notes' use. This refrigerator also built a tracker, you can count the freshness of the refrigerator, the user does not have to open the refrigerator You can know the situation inside the items.More importantly, these powerful features can be completed through the voice command, very convenient.

A German company launched a camera equipped with a refrigerator, the camera dedicated to the management of ingredients, to intelligently distinguish the user into the refrigerator in the type of food and the refrigerator storage of food through the phone and the refrigerator smart connection, the user can phone The control of the energy consumption of the refrigerator in the new EU new energy efficiency labeling instructions to achieve A + + + level, energy-saving effect is very good. Fridge special preservation storage dedicated space, the user can according to the needs of the ingredients in the region for humidity adjustment, Keep the ingredients in the fridge fresh.

Intelligent refrigerator to make food more delicious but also for life Tim 'material', so that home life more comfortable and comfortable.