2 million mAh millet mobile power 2C out of the box tours: dual USB two-way fast charge

On Thursday, millet mobile power 2C release, the capacity of 20000mAh, priced at $ 129. We quickly get this new technology, the following for everyone to bring tours.

In terms of appearance, Millet mobile power 2C with white PC + ABS environmentally friendly material, the appearance of elegant and elegant, surface design gradient pitting eruption, both non-slip, scratch characteristics.

Side with a power display button, tap to display the current power.

Specifications, millet mobile power 2C The use of high-quality lithium polymer batteries, the conversion rate of up to 93%, the output capacity is also up to 13000mAh, the official nominal can give millet phone 5X charge 4.3 times, millet MIX 2 can be filled 3.8 times.

Its support two-way fast charge, input support up to 18W, 8 hours or so can be filled. Using a dual USB output interface design, single-port support QC3.0 fast charge , Dual-port output at the same time up to 18W, but also support micro-current charging function.