National Day ex-gratia big screen market, choose the living room TV what stress?

Your home TV with how long? According to the latest provisions of the authority of the department: the general use of flat-panel TV safe life of 7 years. LCD TV used for a long time, not only quality problems, various parts of the service life is approaching It is possible to create a new TV, but in the face of a variety of television on the market, how can we choose the right one? If the TV has a safe use, the best way is to change a new TV. TV?

In fact, the living room to buy TV is pay attention to. According to China Electronic Video Industry Association to develop the "living room flat panel mainstream size recommended specifications", in the 4K resolution conditions, 2.5 meters to 3 meters living room recommended to buy 55-inch TV ; 3 meters to 3.5 meters in the living room recommended to buy 65-inch TV; 3.5 meters to 4 meters living room recommended to buy 75-inch TV.

According to the association statistics, in order to obtain a better telepresence, it is recommended that ordinary families choose 55 and 65 inch products; with large living room, the pursuit of the theater effect of the user, you can consider one step in place to buy 75, 78 or 85 inch large screen products. In the first half of this year, 55 and 65 inches of sales, has accounted for one-third of the overall sales of color TV, in fact, has become the first choice for living room TV, that purchase TV in addition to size, what is the need to consider it?

4K TV is a must

At present, 4K ultra-high-definition television penetration has been as high as 58%, from the program content, the major Internet TV platform have launched a large area of ​​4K, Moreover, 4K ultra-high-definition TV and general FullHD full HD TV spread is not large, Recommended living room TV as much as possible to choose 4K products, now recommend two relatively high quality 4K ultra-high-definition TV.

Sharp 55-inch 4K ultra-high-definition intelligent LCD TV: LCD-55DS6000A

Sharp this TV has 8.29 million pixels, picture quality is 1080P 4 times, it also with the edge image processing technology, detailed image processing technology, can give you 4K quality cinema experience. Wide color gamut technology can give you Bring a rich color expression, coupled with it also equipped with a quality adjustment technology, you can truthfully show the original color screen.

Samsung 55-inch surface 4K ultra-high-definition TV: UA55MUC30SJXXZ

Samsung this TV is a curved TV, 4200R curvature allows you to watch the vision is more broad, more comfortable eyes. At the same time its up to 4380 * 2160 picture quality resolution, to make the details of the screen are lifelike, HDR high Dynamic range image technology and ultra-high-definition local control light technology can enhance the contrast, color and clarity, so that the screen is more layered, give us a real visual experience.

Smart TV can be more attractive

In addition to the quality of the TV is better, what features can be more attractive? Mobile Internet and the popularity of smart phones greatly changed people's way of life, and the next wave will usher in a wide range of home Internet and smart TV universal. Has been accustomed to using mobile phone drama, but the phone after all, the screen is too small, and long bow to see the video on the eyesight and cervical spine have some damage.Compared to the phone, the TV's back-style sitting, ultra-high-definition screen is more suitable for the whole family together The new generation of 'artificial intelligence TV' through voice control, not only can quickly find the film, as well as jump to a specific person or scene, search for a new generation of 'artificial intelligence TV' through voice control, not only can quickly find the film, The purchase of the characters and other functions of the play, but also to achieve a more complex wisdom of family control, the control is particularly suitable for the elderly family, so buy TV must be more concerned about the level of intelligence, try to pick faster processing, interactive experience more Good products, the following recommended two smart TV.

Hisense 55-inch 4K ultra-high-definition surface TV: LED55V1UCZ

Hisense TV is not only a surface TV, it is an artificial intelligence TV.You just hold down the voice key, you can achieve human-computer interaction, whether you want to fast forward, switch the film or open an application, you can Accurate response from the world's best game to the film and television resources, broadcast from the TV to the classroom, you only need a key, you can remember to switch your use of the scene.

Changhong 55 inch 4K ultra-high-definition TV: CHiQ 55Q5N

Changhong This TV is an artificial intelligence voice TV, you can speak to the Bluetooth remote control you want to see the film, it can quickly help you find, you can also voice control volume adjustment, watch the progress of regulation, etc. It is also based on Your viewing habits, preferences, the use of automatic data analysis, customized for your exclusive personal interface.It can also be used as the center of intelligent devices at home, easy to connect the home of intelligent electrical equipment and achieve control.

The latest design of the TV can keep up with the trend

What is the focus of the purchase of television? Of course, is the latest design in the most tide.Therefore the design trend, ultra-thin and narrow frame design is the most attention.Currently, LCD TV has been able to do iPhone thickness. On the TV frame and backplane a large number of CNC machining of stainless steel or aluminum alloy material, the surface of sandblasting, drawing or high light treatment, fine and have a sense of quality.Fixed wall became the focus of this year's global market. No longer have a wide fist fissure, can be the same as the frame directly close to the wall, looks simple and beautiful, while the split design is also increasingly popular, the host plug in addition to the screen more thin, but also conducive to carrying multi-channel surround sound unit, making The TV set a better sense of the following recommended two full sense of the TV design.

Konka 55 inch ultra-thin 4K TV: Z55U

Konka this TV in the design, using the side into the body design, the body thickness of only 8.9mm, the fuselage for the Mocha gold, with the same color of the metal backplane, high-value metal narrow frame design, You can also get a wider field of vision at the same time the aircraft also equipped with Dolby decoding technology, treble clear, penetrating power; midrange round, full sound, bass dive, structured, you can enjoy the theater at home HIFI sound effects.

TCL 55 inch 4K surface TV: 55P3

TCL this TV in the design, the use of the impressionist design, simple and stylish design, comfortable, natural visual sense of the idea, just TCL TV gives us the feeling. Whether the TV is open, it is important in life Design, 8.7mm bionic U-shaped frame with aerospace alloy material, the classic touch-friendly metal color variety of home style. The machine equipped with a Conchs sound sound system, which uses a separate sound unit before the sound, not only improved the sound Direction, but also to reduce the sound less, so that the sound and the screen at the same time into the viewer's brain, bring the telepresence of the dual experience.

From the above we can know that the purchase of television is very particular about, in addition to the room to consider the size of the living room, but also need to consumers according to personal preferences, TV appearance and other aspects of consideration, you can buy favorite TV.