Technology heard: Dong Mingzhu re-investment of 15 billion | This is to build a robot

1, Dong Mingzhu in Luoyang and then throw 15 billion This is to build a robot

Gree, chairman of Dong Mingzhu recently smashed 15 billion in Luoyang made robots, not only in Luoyang to establish independent innovation and intelligent manufacturing industry base, will also participate in shares of Luoyang Bearing to participate in state-owned enterprise reform.Therefore, Dong Mingzhu two months has been invested in Henan 30000000000.

It is reported that the project covers an area of ​​5000 acres, a total investment of about 15 billion yuan, a planning, phased implementation, all completed is expected to achieve annual output value of more than 30 billion yuan.

Specifically, the project construction includes: First, the Central Plains Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Research Institute, will provide government and corporate decision-making soft science research and consulting services; Second, the Central Plains intelligent manufacturing public service platform, will provide a solution for the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry And other integrated services; third through the development of 3-5 years, including the formation of robots, intelligent machine tools, precision molds, small appliances, including the country has important influence 'independent research and development, independent equipment, independent integration, independent brand' China Luoyang independent innovation and intelligent manufacturing industry base.

Comments: domestic appliance companies frequently launched robot, force China 'wisdom' made.

2, Apple 'served': no ​​longer on the network reward to take 'apple tax'

Apple has modified the AppStore software store review policy and has changed its position on the Internet, Apple has allowed individuals to bypass the Apple's internal transaction payment system for personal "financial gifts", AppleInsider, the US news agency, With the future Apple will not be the individual to the personal gift transaction extraction, but Apple also stipulates that mobile software developers may not directly benefit from the payment of these virtual gifts or pumping into.

In the new version of the policy, Apple also made a strange rule in the iPhone X, Apple implanted facial recognition technology, but Apple's new regulations that, for younger than 13-year-old users, iOS software developers may not use Face scan to verify identity, but must pass other authentication means.

Comments: do not accept 'Apple tax' is solidarity with the iPhone X? This is the voice of the opposition in China so much, the world is not have to thank China.

3, BMW research phone APP start car out of the key

According to foreign media reports, the German luxury car manufacturer BMW is evaluating the car keys (commonly known as 'blue sky and white clouds') the need to consider replacing it with the BMW App. Disclosure of the news is the BMW board member Ian - Robertson, he is Director of the board of directors responsible for the sale of BMW.

Ian - Robertson said that the current situation is the owner will be with a smart phone, they are also considering the BMW App to drive the door and start the car, with the BMW App to replace the long-used car keys.Although the BMW is only considering the car keys The need for a certain time in the future with the BMW App to replace the car keys, but in order to completely dry the car keys, technically still face some challenges.

Comments: old man without a smart phone how to do?

4, Dyson issued a known as 'ancestral' of the lamp

Last week, Dyson in the domestic release of up to 144,000 hours of CSYS LED lamp, the lamp is the first application of the 'water cooling' technology of home LED lights products.

The Dyson CSYS lighting has a vacuum-sealed copper tube that pushes the horizontal lighthouse, and every sealed copper tube has a drop of water, and the heat generated by the LED causes the water in the tube to become steam. The steam begins to move along the tube, and once the steam reaches the cooling zone of the brass, it will re-condense and return to the water to dissipate heat. Then, the water is sucked back to the LED and the LED's cooling cycle begins again.

Comments: great industrial design aesthetic, it really is'Denson Fan 'Do not know how the actual feelings.