Beverly | 'Amplifier' | Double Washing Machine Release | Target Sword 1 million units

This afternoon, the washing machine high-end brand Beverly held a new conference in Nanjing, officially released Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine, priced at 17,998 yuan. Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine set big wash, Intelligent washing, accurate delivery and other functions in one, not only to meet the current Chinese middle and two children in the family of large capacity, healthy partition washing and intelligent care needs, but also by consumers and including Suning Tesco and other home appliance giants of all ages, For the rapid development of China's high-end washing machine market has brought a star product.

The United States of the group washing machine business unit general manager Lu Jianfeng, Sun Ning Tesco president Hou Enlong, the United States Group Washing Machine Division General Manager of the domestic market Luo Zeyuan, Suning Tesco ice washing company president Xu Zhong, Owen Yun Wang, chairman of the board attended the meeting The

Depth insight into the market demand for large capacity, partition wash the trend has become

Owen cloud network chairman Wen Jianping said at the press conference, the current Chinese washing machine industry is experiencing unprecedented pains, the overall downturn, but the consumer upgrade for the washing machine industry to inject new growth momentum, while the domestic washing machine replacement The demand for the washing machine is becoming more and more demanding, high-capacity, intelligent, high-end is leading the new consumer trends, especially the opening of the two policy, as well as people's attention to family health, More and more families require the baby's clothing and adult clothing separately washed to reduce cross-infection, so in the larger capacity of washing and other consumer demand, the fine partition of the double washing machine came into being.

Owen cloud network chairman Wen Jianping

US group of washing machine business unit general manager Lu Jianfeng also pointed out that Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine is through insight into the market demand, found that the main consumer groups are the existence of family clothing partition washing needs, but also for children to wash and family clothing Classification of care in the three generations with the main pain point, which confused washing machine business products to large capacity, partition washing and intelligent direction of the escalating, Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine is born in this background.

US group of washing machine business unit general manager Lu Jianfeng

Large capacity, large drying, zoning synchronization users use pain points

As a collection of Beverly, this 'big' duplex washing machine is a big feature 'big', which uses '3kg pulsator + 12kg drum' upper and lower partition design, in the same use of space, 15kg Of the large-capacity design, and truly a machine to protect the family all the purpose of clothing.

Among them, the next drum with 12kg design, enough to meet the needs of the vast majority of items of the family wash capacity, at the same time, 8kg drying capacity design, but also far more than the same type of washing machine drying capacity, as a representative of the partition washing machine, The real sense of the 'big wash big bake.' The above is the use of 3kg pulsator laundry design, give full play to the pulsator washing machine is simple, easy to wash and other characteristics, to provide users with small pieces of clothing, especially underwear, baby clothes and other health needs Of the care and protection, and easy to take the release does not bend over, effectively reduce the frequent laundry on the neck caused by the 'pressure', very human.

In addition, the 'amplifier' duplex washing machine equipped with the upper part of the DDM direct drive frequency and the lower part of the BLDC high-speed inverter motor, combined with independent balance damping system to achieve a real sense of the district synchronization, and the upper and lower barrels are independent of each other, Do not interfere with each other, and 'intelligent laundry experts' and 'i intelligent precision automatic delivery' and other intelligent washing technology applications, the product operation is more simple, more convenient to use, the real liberation of people's hands.

For the Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine to bring a new washing experience, the guests and the media have expressed a great affirmation.They said that the larger the capacity of the washing machine, the number of clothes can be washed once more, So that the laundry work more efficient.Moreover, the upper and lower two barrels of the design, you can adults, baby clothes or jackets, underwear and other separate washing, more health care, very suitable for the needs of Chinese families.

Together with Suning Tesco dig deep market dividends

The meeting, Beverly in the release of 'large' double washing machine products at the same time, also announced with Suning Tesco reached a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides sincere cooperation, will fully dig large capacity, partition washing and other washing machine market dividends , Improve the high-end washing machine ecological chain, leading the washing machine market high-end change.

Sun Ning Tesco president Hou Enlong

US group of washing machine business unit general manager Lu Jianfeng said that Suning Tesco is the Internet retail industry giants, the Beverly 'amplifier' double washing machine choice in Suning Tesco first sale, not only in pursuit of sales growth, more attention to sales Structural upgrading, high-end products accounted for an increase, hoping to lead the washing machine industry to upgrade the consumer. Suning Tesco president Hou Enlong also said that as the industry's fastest growing high-end brand washing machine, Beverly has been committed to high-end product technology innovation and product iteration, and continuously enhance the user experience, which coincides with the concept of Suning Tesco . The cooperation, Suning Tesco will use a strong supply chain, logistics resources and promotional resources, the first sales target set at 10,000 units, Suning will also be with the Beverly nationwide set off a 'big wash big bake' partition wash The new trend of protection.

As of the press has been in the Suning Tesco on the first sale, the price reached the current high-end washing machine in the field of pricing range, between 10,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, Suning Tesco easy to purchase price of $ 1,88 at this stage consumption Upgrade the tide, the Beverly 'big device' large-capacity partition wash flagship washing machine to the use of the current stage of the pain points one by one break, to meet the needs of urban upstart, but also to the two children a good choice.