Samsung home appliances dream of Beijing, cross-border home to play a new sky

September 15, the world's leading home appliance brand Samsung first cross-border home portrait to create a 'dream home', and to the public 'to my house' kind invitation, not only to refresh the new cross-border marketing tricks, but also successfully open high-end life. Samsung 'Dream House' is located in the core area of ​​Beijing CBD, equipped with a full set of high-end Samsung home appliances, showing a highly skilled, artistic and humane high-end lifestyle.With the Samsung 'dream home' formal landing, high-end , Quality, full of science and technology and artistic atmosphere of the future life officially entered the present.

Samsung 'dream home' shining capital, very future life style

The rise of the middle class, high-end home appliances become mainstream

In the context of the rise of the middle class, the strong purchasing power has spawned a new round of consumer upgrades, high-end lifestyle and high-end home appliances increasingly become the object of consumer sought after.According to Euromonia information consulting data show that China's middle class team has grown By 2020, this figure will reach 700 million, which means that the middle class will become China's largest consumer groups, and these middle class, no longer pay attention to the satisfaction of the quality, but the quality of the upgrade.

Ms. Deng Xiaohua, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung Electronics Greater China, delivered a welcoming speech

Ouwei Yun network released the "Chinese middle class user behavior report" also pointed out that the middle class attaches great importance to the quality of household electrical appliances and details of the problem they are more emphasis on product quality, in addition to the safety and high-tech content, they also hope These products have some of their own life characteristics.

'Come to my house' kind invitation to refresh the new tricks of cross-border marketing, successful opening of high-end life

Samsung appliances rely on its strong brand innovation and 'consumer-centric' service concept, constantly iterative technology, efforts to upgrade experience, designed to use customized high-end products and services to meet the growing consumer demand. Samsung home appliances to create the 'dream home' to show the high-end, quality, technology and humane way of life.

Vanke Metropolis 'dream', there are Samsung home appliances home is a longing for home

In fact, Samsung 'come to my house' this year is the third quarter, each time can bring a unique 'dream home' thinking, and re-interpretation of high-end lifestyle. Samsung is committed to creating a Samsung home appliances Home is the people who yearn for the home, this dream in the north of the CBD core business district to create a 'Samsung Dream House', showing the high-end, quality, technology, human life style.

The first station in Beijing, Samsung chose the "China partner" recorded in the CBD Vanke • Metropolis for 'building a dream.' CBD area gathered investment community, industry, social, art, academia and other global high-end enterprises and Layer of people, the formation of non-replicable personal resources.Three Samsung appliances to bring the art of respect to enjoy the complement each other, to create a geographical location and home life double high-end exquisite experience.

A full set of home appliances settled, Samsung to open high-end life

With the 'to my house' series of continuous escalation, Samsung has been using the industry cutting-edge technology and user-friendly products to create a very unique 'dream home' this year, QLED TV, painting wall art TV, Banquet refrigerator, peace of mind to add a series of washing machines, Rui Mu clothes dryer and AX3300 air purifier and other Samsung full set of home appliances settled together, the luxury lineup to bring unparalleled exquisite experience, once again open high-end life.

Samsung Light Quantum Dots TV Q8C accurately presents DCI-P3 color space, restore true view

With the continuous development of display technology and intelligence, television is more and more in the center of the living room thanks to the excellent quantum dot technology, Samsung's new QLED TV brings an unprecedented audio-visual experience, and to please the eyes full Color, can accurately show the DCI-P3 color space, is the world's first to restore 100% color volume of TV products.Moreover, and because of the originality of the 'screen line design' and the new frame-style bracket, QLED TV not only did not Become a visual burden, or decorate the home of the best 'jewelry'.

Samsung QLED TV also focus on providing a unified and simple user experience.We can use Smart View mobile phone APP can watch TV content seamlessly on TV.QLED TV can also automatically identify a variety of external devices, and through a Samsung universal remote control Control, and Samsung has enhanced voice search capabilities to help users quickly find what they want to watch.

The art of television makes the art imperceptibly affect the life of every moment

Creatively created a 24-hour non-shutdown concept of the Samsung painting wall art TV also appeared in the 'Dream House'. Samsung painting wall art TV completely subvert the 'off the black screen' traditional concept, in the off TV mode Can automatically switch to the art mode, the 4K ultra-high-definition screen can display magnificent works of art and carrying precious memories of the photo, so that the art of imperceptibly affect the life of the moment. Painting wall art TV also highlighted Unique custom service and innovative design, not only has 100 professional-grade art collection, but also replace the border, and according to ambient light changes and human body movement to adjust the brightness in the upcoming Jingdong 919 TV section, the Samsung TV autumn and autumn Grab (, living room rejuvenation is now.

As a 'smart family of interactive center', Samsung goods Road Chi-chi refrigerator to 21.5-inch large screen as the center for consumers to build a smooth home entertainment and entertainment of the new space in the domestic appliance market ushered in the opportunity of high-end transformation, Samsung smart tea with intelligent features and user-friendly design to redefine the role and status of the refrigerator, and is committed to the refrigerator 'food management, family communication, kitchen entertainment, smart home' as the core functional advantages for consumers to enjoy cooking , enjoy life.

Samsung goods Road Chi feast refrigerator 21.5-inch large screen to build a smooth access to family entertainment new space

Samsung peace of mind series of washing machines and Samsung Rui Mu clothes dryer combination, then for consumers to bring more high-end, more comfortable smart home life, open clothing high-end care of the new era: Samsung peace of mind Tim ' 'Peace of mind Tim' and other leading technology to achieve the silk, cotton and linen clothing care requirements, and dryers 'stacking kit' advantage is for consumers to remove the space to put the clothes dryer. With heat pump low temperature technology and Intelligent drying advantage, Samsung Rui Mu net speed dryer for consumers to create an unprecedented high-end clothing care experience.

Samsung Rui Mu net speed dryer heat pump low temperature technology and intelligent drying for consumers to create high-end care experience

In order to solve the winter dryness and tailor-made Samsung empty net new products are also 'dream home' clean air escort, the new exclusive purification technology for consumers to bring more 'net' step of the new experience. In the 'dream Home Samsung bedroom AX3300 air purifier equipped with a scene lighting settings, through the six-color bright lights that different levels of air quality, user-friendly real-time monitoring of the current environmental air pollution values, while creating a comfortable and warm atmosphere. And AX3300 series rounded streamlined corner design to show the beauty of the process of Samsung.

Samsung AX3300 for the 'dream home' clean air escort

Samsung home appliances to create a dream of Beijing, leading the future of high-end life into reality, open high-end life through product innovation and high-end life concept of change, Samsung appliances effectively promote the upgrading of science and technology, consumer upgrades and supply side reform in the middle class Rise in today, Samsung appliances has become an important high-end consumer entrance in the next time, Samsung will also be in Shanghai and Guangzhou to create two 'dream home', so that more people understand the Samsung appliances brought high-end , A convenient life experience.