Sexy long legs do not straight | correct O-type legs

Self-test: Are you an O-shaped leg?

Standing in front of the mirror to pay attention to, in the natural standing, your knee can move closer?

If your knees can naturally move closer, then congratulations, your legs are not O-type legs: if the force can be close to the knee together, and very pleased, you just mild O-type legs, then you can often Practice both feet and move together to improve.

If your knee is also forced to rely on the clamping, then you are severe O-leg type, you need to mind to correct it.

To determine their own O-leg is serious, you can also use a ruler amount:

Normal knee away from 3 cm below, for mild;

Normal knee distance between 3-10 cm is moderate;

Normal knee distance greater than 10 cm is severe.

Note: Normal knee distance is natural standing, do not deliberately clamping the distance between the knees

Why the legs will change O type?

1) calf muscles outside the expansion

O-type leg of the people, usually standing and walking, are the lateral leg muscles, the inside is not on the force, so the leg muscle development uneven, often outside the muscles, the medial muscles less so that the formation of leg muscle contour The line is bent, giving the impression that the bones are bent. In fact, not all bones bent, only a few are really bones bent.

2) Bones are bent

Only a few people of the O-type legs belong to this category, mainly due to malnutrition during growth and development or posture caused by improper sitting, if you want to determine whether the bones bent, the most direct way is to shoot X-ray film. O-legs, so that your legs become longer and longer

Visually, O-type legs are often looking at the legs will be shorter than the normal state.You can try, look at the side of the mirror, and then turned to look at the front, is not a positive look a lot of short legs? So that O-leg correction, not only can really increase the height, increase the length of the legs, in the visual can increase the proportion of the legs.If your O-type legs are not serious to affect health, for example, Triggering arthritis, etc., is very serious, then it is possible to try home to self-correction.

Here we give you recommend some good way to correct it:

1, adjust the walking position

O-type legs of the people walking more than eight characters, that is, when walking, feet to the outside points, in the walk, the legs will be out of force, the knee by the outward force, over time, standing when the knee The joints will not be able to close together, into the O-type legs. So first adjust the walking position, learn to focus on the inside of the legs. Good walking position should be upright, abdomen straight waist, eyes flat forward, arms relaxed on both sides of the body Natural swing, toes slightly outward or out to the front, step evenly.

At the beginning of the adjustment may feel very awkward, kind of feeling will not walk, a long time on the natural.

2, a free to remember to do clamping action

Whether it is waiting for the bus, or the office, watching TV, should always remember straight legs tightly clamped knees, 3-5 times a day, every 15 minutes or so. This can not only correct the legs, There are stovepipe effect, especially thin thigh Oh.

3, wrapped bandage correction method

If your legs are outside the rotation of the O-type legs (easy to walk outside the character), because the degree of bending is more serious, so in addition to clamping movement, the best multi-operation tied method correction.

Prepare a rubber band with elasticity, or a long belt of cloth, evenly wrapped around the legs to help the legs clamped.

1) first sitting in a chair, the legs close together in the knee above the heel above, evenly tied rubber band.

2) If the bundles used are not rubber bands that are elastic, before towing, first apply a towel to the inside of the heel and the inside of the knee to avoid pain.

3) stand up after the stand up, remember to be the body quite positive, looked up and down, about 15 minutes after standing.If standing on the pain or foot hemp, is tied too tight, then open to re-bundle once The best day can be tied twice.

4) can also be hands on the railing or back to do squat. Stand up and repeat the action, each about 15 minutes.

4, squat correction exercise calf medial muscles

Feet apart with shoulder width, feet slightly buckle, knee buckle do squatting and standing action, do not need to squat down. 20 times a group, do 2 to 4 groups a day. Adhere to a month, Will see the effect.

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