The amount of the same situation under the Haier refrigerator show how broken

September 13, the domestic authority of the market research institutions in Yikang released the latest market research data of the appliance industry.Data show that China's home appliance retail sales as a whole negative growth of 25%, of which 35 weeks of domestic refrigerator market sales of 114,000 units, down 22.5 %, The chain fell 61.9% .According to the August sales situation, Haier refrigerator share in one fell swoop exceeded 32%, which means that in China, every three families have a choice Haier refrigerator. In addition, Haier refrigerator 1-8 months Sales accounted for 30.8%, equivalent to the sum of the first 2, 3, 4 sales, compared with the same period last year increased by 13.2%, is the highest increase in the brand.

Compared to 2016 China's refrigerator market 'amount of Qi down' of the collection, this year's refrigerator market is still not much improvement.Even in the sales season in July and August, the market data is still not optimistic, from the 35th week refrigerator sales Down 22.2% year on year, the chain fell 61.9% of the situation can be seen, the downward pressure has become the biggest obstacle to the development of home appliance industry.

Resulting in the reasons for the decline in the home appliance industry, industry insiders pointed out that rising raw material costs, the real estate market tightening and other multiple factors can not be overlooked.According to the National Information Center, deputy director of information resources, Cai Ying said, 'multiple negative factors and brand concentration Coexistence, indicating that the domestic refrigerator market competition to enhance the small and medium - sized brands to survive the pressure to increase the brand structure to adjust and eliminate the possibility of.

Among them, the rising cost of raw materials has become a number of traditional home appliance brand is difficult to break through the dilemma of the primary reason.According to Zhi Yan consulting published "2017-2022 China White Appliances (white) market supply and demand forecast and investment strategy research report" can be seen, 2016 Since the second half of the year, the white demand for copper, aluminum, steel, plastic and other bulk raw material prices rose to the refrigerator, for example, the four types of raw materials costs were 10%, 3%, 15% The rising prices of bulk raw materials in the upper reaches have brought great pressure to the market of household electrical appliance enterprises, so that many of the enterprises with low profit margins have suffered more passive situations, and more than 20% of the high energy consumption products will be eliminated. Forcing household electrical appliance enterprises to upgrade the new energy efficiency standards, product technology switching and other means to enhance the technological content of products.

Haier refrigerator research and development has been continuous interaction with the user, in order to solve the user's pain points and product innovation iteration in the consumer's most attention to the preservation of the field, the integration of global high-quality innovative resources, Haier refrigerator invented the whole space preservation refrigerator.To enhance the end-user experience, The first home fresh food module has also successfully entered the refrigerator exhibition hall, the real reproduction of different ingredients in the refrigerator in the independent storage of such innovative technology and innovative preservation mode, also shows that Haier refrigerator has taken the lead from the user point of view, Consumers provide the most accurate and most scientific food preservation program, while the National Day, Haier refrigerator full space fresh refrigerator lineup will also be fully listed.

In the 'Made in China 2025' national manufacturing strategy driven by the country, Haier refrigerator has been walking in the technology to promote intelligent manufacturing upgrade leading position in the product manufacturing, Haier has full space preservation refrigerator, kitchen fridge and other industries subversive Products, in the standard development, Haier is leading the world's first IEC refrigerator fresh standard development, and access to the world's only VDE fresh certification. These technological innovation advantages, have confirmed the Haier refrigerator can break the industry down the pressure of the brand strength. A loud 'Chinese famous brand', Haier refrigerator will also be in the global scope to enhance the 'Made in China' gold content, leading the Chinese manufacturing industry into the world manufacturing power matrix.